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CRIMINAL releases new album “Fear Itself” this Friday!

Anglo-Chileans Thrashers CRIMINAL have announced their new album “Fear Itself” for release this Friday through Metal Blade Records.

Today CRIMINAL streams the album in it’s entirety via their landing page at! At the same location you can surf the pre-order section. “Fear Itself” will be released on CD, vinyl and all digital outlets.

Recorded at CRIMINAL bassist Danny Biggin’s HVR Studios in Suffolk, UK, with a “no bullshit” approach to recording, the band purposely avoided the vices of modern metal production such as samples, quantizing and amp simulators.

The striking artwork by renowned Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Mayhem, etc.) perfectly represents the bleak, dystopian atmosphere of the lyrics, which denounce warmongering, misinformation, exploitation and other ills of modern society.

A metal band with a hardcore attitude, CRIMINAL‘s longevity is a testament to their honesty and passion. In it for all the right reasons.

Read on for some acclaimed reviews of “Fear Itself“:

‘Fear Itself’ achieves its intended result – pounding the heads and hearts of those who desire a true to form metal record, and should be one of those albums in all post-thrash/death collections.” –

…a mix of grim, brute-force steamrolling and galvanizing thrash savagery, with a massive sound.” –

Wow! CRIMINAL put the pedal to the metal on their 8th album!” – Rock Hard Germany

CRIMINAL always share the same vision when it comes to a certain groove that is omnipresent. This band deserves more attention for sure!” – Legacy Germany

Fear Itself” track listing:
1. Intro
2. Down Driven
3. False Flag Attack
4. Shock Doctrine
5. The Needle and Knife
6. Scream of Consciousness
7. Summoning the Apocalypse
8. The One Who Speaks at Night
9. Animals to Gods
10. Deep in the Rot
11. Wasted Youth
12. Carne Molida

Anton Reisenegger – vocals/guitars
Sergio Klein – guitars
Dan Biggin – bass
Zac O’Neil – drums

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