METAL4SPLASH announce three new bands

The billing of the METAL4SPLASH OPEN AIR is still growing. During the past days the organizers have announced three more bands for July 2014:

After MALRUN last year a harder band from Denmark will visit the Weichelsee. HATESPHERE will have their new record “Murderlust” packed, but don’t panic you won’t miss old classics like “Need To Kill” or “500 Dead People”!

Are you prepared for the only Power Metal Band which must not be abscent at METAL4SPLASH in 2014? So be happy because the only true successor of the mighty BLIND GUARDIAN has now been confirmed! ORDEN OGAN will arrive with hits like “We Are Pirates” or “The Things We Believe In” and therefore make sure you don’t miss them!

After an exciting tour through India SUIDAKRA will visit the Weichelsee which is of course no less enthralling. Their latest album “Eternal Defiance” has impressively shown how to combine passion with skills. Therefore the pleasure to meet and party with the quartett to new songs and classics at the beach in Rotenburg is much bigger.

Here are the facts about the festival:

Date: 24.- 26.07.2014
Location: Weichelsee, Rotenburg (Germany)

Tickets are available here:

More information about the METAL4SPLASH OPEN AIR can be found here:



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