METAL4SPLASH: Two more bands confirmed!

METAL4SPLASH have announced two more bands for July:

METAL4SPLASHDARK AGE –  For almost twenty years DARK AGE have been standing for Melodic Death Metal quality made in Germany. Meanwhile the band has developed to one of THE German bands of this genre and their latest record “A Matter Of Trust” is another proof of their skills. Therefore it wasn’t a difficult choice to invite DARK AGE to METAL4SPLAH 2014.

OMNIUM GATHERUM – The latest four albums of their overall six records have entered the Finnish charts. Their current album “Beyond” is again a masterpiece and needs to be presented live. Accordingly OMIUM GATHERUM is a must-see at METAL4SPLASH 2014 and a guarantee for dozens of great songs.

Here are the facts about the festival:

Date: 24.- 26.07.2014
Location: Weichelsee, Rotenburg (Germany)

Tickets are available here:

More information about the METAL4SPLASH OPEN AIR can be found here:



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