Metalcamp 2012

The most beautiful festival in whole of Europe presented by Noizeletter,,,,, Hard Rock, BLAST!

METALCAMP 2012 again got a very strong line-up, having KORN, MACHINE HEAD, AMON AMARTH, SABATON, HATEBREED and many more coming to Tolmin to offer you the best possible „Headbangers Holidays“. Now we got two more killer bands confirmed and both will bring musical variety to Tolmin this year!

Furthermore we got over 20 new amazing bands to play the 2nd stage and further band announcements are soon to follow. Tickets can be purchased

Beer, zombies, thrash metal, crossover – that’s right, MUNICIPAL WASTE from Richmond, Virginia are back on track! Since “Waste ‘Em All” (which was released in 2003) this quartet has been attacking our senses and has also revived pretty much everything rad about the 80s: their brand of crossover thrash (which has inspired quite a bunch of clones) reminds us fondly of acts like ANTHRAX, S.O.D. and NUCLEAR ASSAULT, relishes in b-movie atmosphere and is simply the perfect party sound! Just check out their brand new effort “The Fatal Feast” and go see MUNICIPAL WASTE shred at METALCAMP 2012!

HELL are one of those bands that always possessed cult status but couldn’t surpass that (until now) because fate had struck them badly: the British band disbanded after a promising EP due to the suicide of singer / guitarist Dave Halliday in 1987. Then famous producer Andy Sneap came along, revived the band and joined them on guitar! The result was their first proper studio album “Human Remains” in 2011, rave reviews from the international press and energetic live shows all over Europe! If you wanna experience a real piece of NWOBHM history, you gotta come to METALCAMP 2012 where the genre veterans HELL will show everybody the real deal!

2nd stage bands:

ArseA formed in 2006 and in July 2008, ArseA was chosen from among over 300 Italian bands to represent Italy at one of the largest metal festivals in Europe, Metalcamp. 2008, ArseA played outside Rome at the concert of Brutal Truth and Cripple Bastards and later on they performed abroad again, this time in Budapest, at Nu Metal Community Vol. 2, where they were very well received. ArseA came back to METALCAMP 2010 again and right now they are working on a new album; they draw influence from bands such as Opeth, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Children of Bodom, In Flames and others! A true spectacular band on 2nd stage of METALCAMP 2012, do not miss out their comeback to your Headbanger´s Holiday´s in Tolmin!

Cryptic Age was formed in the fall of 2010 and soon developed its own folk-metal style while slowly including progressive elements into their music. The epic soprano vocals of front woman Jenny Green combined with the progressive folk-metal elements create a highly individual sound which culminated in the debut EP ‘Homeland’, released in May 2011. The EP recieved critical acclaim, and after just a few gigs, the band became known as a great live act. The band were soon sharing the stage with well known metal bands such as Skyclad and Hecate Enthroned, and honing their songwriting. With the ‘Sounds of Infinity’ album, Cryptic Age have built on the unique style present in the EP but added more progressive and epic elements to their already eclectic style. Celtic progressive metal from the UK at METALCAMP!

Dark Salvation was founded 2008 in the heart of the alps, specifically in the Principality Liechtenstein. The first international sign of life from the five young musicians was 2010 with their debut album “Bärgthron”, which was well rated by the european metal press. Catchy melodies, fast and heavy guitar riffs inspired by the “Göteborg-Sound” and dark vocals characterize the Dark Salvation sound. With german lyrics and technical guitar solos, the sound gets its very own touch. Melodic Death Metal from Liechtenstein at METALCAMP 2012!

Dead Dildo Drome are a modern sounding metal band, hailing from Slovenia. The band consists members of several established Slovenian bands. They combine sounds of extreme sub-genres of metal such as: death metal, metalcore, black metal and hardcore. The band began playing early in 2010 and are already becoming a gig attraction on the Slovenian scene. They are currently putting the finishing touches to their first EP which should be released in late 2012. At their very first show in Ljubljana (Slovenia) they got props from Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), who happened to be in the audience that night! Bringing their mayhem across the stages of Europe, they shoudn’t disappoint any metal fan out there! They have already toured countries such as: Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Hungary, Luxembourg and shared stages with bands such as Parkway Drive, Cataract, Benighted, Caliban, Vulture Industries, Superbutt among others… Make sure to check them out at Metalcamp 2012 on the 2nd stage!

In late 1996 the first line-up of E.N.D. (Evil Never Dies) was gathered for their first rehearsal in Zadar/Croatia. Today, the style is based on experimenting with many extreme metal and hardcore directions but in every way it’s a combination of powerful drum beats, low tuned guitars, thrashy riffs with occasional breakdowns and polymetrical parts followed by mid-pitch screaming vocals. E.N.D. shared the stage with many well-known acts such as PUNGENT STENCH, GOD DETHRONED, NEGURA BUNGET, THE OCEAN, MUNICIPAL WASTE, DECAPITATED among many other great foreign and local names. Expect nothing less than a full-on assault at METALCAMP 2012.

Era of Hate rose from the ashes of Atrum Inferum in 2009, a project that spawned great ideas but in the end fell apart in its infancy. Toma? and Jure have been the only two consistent members over the years, and while they are the visionaries behind the group’s sound, songs, themes and imagery, they were recently joined by three exceptional musicians, Danjel, Vid and Peter. In 2011, the band released their second EP, titled “Void in What Remains” and now the band is hard at work on writing new material for their debut album! Those who are into bands such as All Shall Perish, Dark Tranquillity, Amon Amarth, The Duskfall, Machine Head or At The Gates should definitely check out ERA OF HATE on METALCAMP´s 2nd stage, as they draw influence from the above.

Everlasting Dawn started as a project run by multi-instrumentalist Dave Slut (guitar) in autumn 2010 and made its way up as a Symphonic-Death-Metal Band after the entry of leadsinger Lisa, Richard (guitar), Chris (bass), Adrian (keys/synths) and Wulf (drums). Now this band is ready to spread their musical power among the Symphonic-Melodic-Death-Metal scene through daunting guitar riffs, charming vocals and catchy but also complex keyboard arrangements. Be prepared for a symphonic metal attack at METALCAMP!

From The Depth started to breakthrough to North Italy’s metal underground scene in late 2008. During the first year of playing together they worked hard to create their first EP “The Will To Be The Flame”. In October 2010 they were signed by Rising Records (UK) and their first full length album is distributed worldwide. While working at their new album they gained more and more attention thanks to their fans and they were also invited to “An Evening With Kamelot”, where they played on the same stage as Kamelot, Sons Of Season and some other special guests. Recording sessions for the new album were completed in July 2011 and mastering was carried out at R. D. Liapakis’s Prophecy Studios (Suicidal Angels, Mystic Prophecy and others). “Back to Life” saw the light of day on November 21, 2011 and the band is currently busy with touring to present the new album live, including the European tour with legendary RHAPSODY OF FIRE.

The Furious Horde are a Symphonic Black Metal band from South East England. Their sound has been described as “brutal yet beautiful” and likened to Dimmu Borgir and The Vision Bleak with influences drawn from various genres. They aim to create a Dark Majesty. Their stage show reflects this with theatrical grandeur and nightmarish imagery with the members; Ruptured_Souls, Awake, Josiah, Koroner and Mortiroth – costumed, painted and in full character as they play out their set. Having entered the Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses over several years, learning from the experience and improving each time, 2011 was their year. They won the Essex final and played the New Blood stage at Bloodstock 2011. They then went on to win the slot at Metalcamp 2012! Dark and heavy yet catchy and adrenaline-pumping; The Furious Horde are suited to a wide range of tastes from fans of symphonic metal to black metal. Expect darkness, madness and possession set to a metal heart, laced with sweeping keys – The Furious Horde are an audible and visual spectacle that is not to be missed!

Two openings for Eluveitie brought Swiss outfit HYPOCRAS on the map of “pure folk viking metal”, as they call it themselves. Right now they are working on new compositions to record an album in winter 2012/2013 and play plenty of concerts. Their influences come from other folk metal bands like Finntroll, Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Ensiferum but also from other metal styles, classical music, traditional music and almost everything that could possibly be adapted with their sound. With lots of melody they also reach out to fans who weren´t really into the same scene and music before, but HYPOCRAS show them otherwise and pull them over the line with great positive energy on stage! Share the ultimate HYPOCRAS experience at METALCAMP!

Hailing from Spain, JOTNAR offers a redesigned and modern sound, hitting a potent blend of strong and aggressive rhythms with very pronounced melodies, achieving a perfect balance between both sides and taking modern metal to the next level and thus generating a whole new genre of prolific music. The guitars offer powerful and demolishing riffs in combination to smooth melodies, reinforced with the strength and hunger of the insane growls perfectly mixed with catchy melodies and choruses, highlighting the final band’s distinctive signature sound. JOTNAR has offered a large amounts of shows around all the Spanish territory, from small venues to big festivals, consolidating a solid and powerful live performance, which has lead them to reach some of the most important metal festivals in Europe. JOTNAR has one of the most powerful metal shows nowadays, not only being able to perfectly capture and recreate the main essence of the studio recordings but also adding their rage and devastating punch in live performances, recruiting new fans after every show.

Kaledon was born in 1998 and after many line-up problems, the band started to play live in big Roman theatres and what status Kaledon have achieved already in their early stages can be proved by having Jörg Michael (Stratovarius) playing drums on their third album. Kaledon then inked a deal with Scarlet Records for the release of their studio album “Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter VI: The Last Night On The Battlefield”, the sixth installment of the saga that started in 2002. In December 2010 Kaledon went on a European Tour with Lordi and The Dogma and in May 2011 entered the studio for their first best of album, named “Mightiest Hits”. On this album, Kaledon recorded new versions of their most important songs, and the result was more than stunning. In April 2012 Kaledon continued their successful path on a European tour with fellow Italians Rhapsody of Fire and will once more show you how it´s done at METALCAMP 2012!

Motorfire is a young band from Kras (Slovenia). Their music style is the traditional heavy metal. They were formed in the beginning of 2011 when three members of the Crossroads band decided to take their own, independent way in creating music. Currently Motorfire is preparing the material for their upcoming mini EP album. Half a year ago they recorded a demo CD containing a more rock-coloured style, but after a few line-up changes they turned to another side – the side where melodic riffs, high-pitched vocals, harmonic back vocals and a killer rhythm section make a true, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon styled heavy metal monster. Check them out on the 2nd stage of METALCAMP and bang that head that doesn´t bang!

NekroDrako is a nihilistic approach to the modern era that combines the growth of technology seemlessly with the raw and gritty past of extreme metal, taking in influences from doomy, black and brutal noise and catalysing it with distorted electronics and synthesisers to create a wall of sound guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Based in Manchester, UK, the current line-up of John (vox, programming, keys), bassist Scott Pompey Keen and guitarists Alex Joss and Dave Newell have become known for winning over fiercely traditionalist metal crowds with an ear-splitting live performance and vicious intensity. NekroDrako has started to build a good reputation on the local UK scene, gaining attention from Terrorizer Magazine and playing Grindhouse shows alongside the likes of Eastern Front, Primitive Graven Image, Bloodshot Dawn and Fleshgod Apocalypse. Conjuring up and channelling the experimental essence of bands like Anaal Nathrakh and The Berzerker, NekroDrako blast into an area that impedes on the purity of metal and creates an altogether different beast. Performing passionately with music for a dispassionate world, the creature that is NekroDrako will root itself in your consciousness, screaming and choking.

Nephrolith is a spiritual katharsic black death cult from the damned pits of Bled, Slovenia. It was summoned in 2008 under the pillars of flesh – Nerthag on vocals and Isvaroth and Skargart on guitars. Soon Navtyr on drums and Tersagir on bass completed the death circle. In the beginning of 2009 the first cold and darkened revelation “Vinsketh” was unleashed under the cult’s own claws. Thereafter many live ceremonies were performed all over their land where they gave something more than music; they revealed the soul’s rebirth through pure Death. At the same time new pieces of a bigger revelation were stockpiling. Nephrolith entered the studio to record these blackened shards and the revelation “Xullux” was finished in June 2010. After a few months, “Xullux” was finally invoked through extreme label Haliaetum records in February 2011. Currently Nephrolith is working on new eerie shards for the second full-length and they are looking forward to spread the obscure spiritual DeathArt at METALCAMP.

PROFEEL is a five-piece metal band from Radovljica (Slovenia). Despite their differences, these youngsters live for the common goal: to present their music and offer a fresh insight into the world of metal. Their debut album has been recorded with the producer ?eljko Mladenovi? at the Apollo Music Studio. The album represents their hard work, love and respect towards music, which is together with lyrics, derived from feelings, experiences and life itself. Their belief is that there is a melody for every thought and a riff for every feeling, which gives their music purity and power. The whole album project lasted more than one year and it took a lot of time and dedication, always under the influence of positive energy and with a feeling of simple enjoyment of the moment. Because this album represents a connection between five different individuals, who at the right moment, live and pulse as one, they titled their album “Utrip” (Pulse).

Catchy guitar riffs and synth melodies, fast and powerful rhythm guitar, well completed bass lines, wide-ranging vocals and drum rhythms from extreme to progressive. Witness their musical assault on their new album “Insert Yourself”: Synth supported Melodic Death Metal awaits you all metalheads out there on the 2nd stage of METALCAMP 2012 and yet another great addition to the MC line-up! All hail melodic death masters Rest In Fear from Austria!

Young heavy metal band Shutdown comes from Nova Gorica (Slovenia). Their beginnings lie in 2006 when solo guitarist Domo and a drummer Pejo started to appear under the name of Shutdown. After a long search for the bassist and vocalist, finally Don Dejan (bass) and Egzi (vocals) joined the line-up. Their music will take you far back to the times of primal heavy metal, although their style is also highly influenced by hard rock like Riot, Helloween – all with a Guns n‘ Roses make-up. After numerous concerts, in 2009 Shutdown released a demo album, which exceeded the bands expectations and reached a great acknowledgement among critics. This year they are planning to release their debut album, titled “Heavy as Metal & Hot as Hell”.

Sufosia is a Croatian thrash metal band that was founded by Davor Garaši? and Ozren Futivi? in 2006. They held the first concert in 2007 and since then Sufosia has played numerous gigs and festivals across Croatia and a few in neighbouring countries and also performed at METALCAMP already. The band has also appeared in interviews on several TV and radio shows. In late 2007 the band came out with their first demo “Chaotic Dreams”, and in March 2011 they finished recording their first full-length album “Inspiration Breakdown”, which was noticed by the worldwide thrash metal scene. With their intense and technical virtuosic live performances Sufosia has established itself as one of the biggest bands on today’s Croatian thrash metal scene. Thrash til Death!

Use Less are a five piece heavy metal band from Kamnik, Slovenia. They formed in 2005 as a hard rock outfit. In 2007 the band went through some line-up changes, resulting in a heavier approach to music: Heavy Metal! In 2008 they released their first demo CD ‘Three Little Statements of Life’, which was well received by the audience and got great reviews. In November 2010 the band released their second demo ‘Mind Collapse’ with four great new songs. Their concerts are energetic and emotional, as Use Less are a true live band, and the stage is where they feel at home. See them go off on the 2ndstage of METALCAMP 2012!

Within Destruction is a metal band awakened from the blackest core of the universe and its goal is to perish all what stands in its way of conquering the poisonous realm. Within Destruction injects a cancerous hybrid of death metal riffs, deathcore rhythm section and fast black metal melodies into human tissue. They stepped into the studio in Fall 2011 to record the debut album “From the depths” which will be released in the near future. The album is a superior blood-anthem against the laws of this miserable so called decaying world and it is a portal to the Death’s womb.

The Name Warcult was taken from one of their favourite songs: “the Warcult” from God Dethroned. At first the idea was to make a black metal band to live the dream of making music just for the fun of it. After two month of writing their own stuff the band got a drummer named Cadaver. At the time the band seemed complete, but there was something missing… So Vidar (rhythm guitar) got into the band in December and with this formation the band started to produce new and different material and since Winter 2009/10 they are presenting their stuff live. With their first gig they won an award and with the received prize money they financed their first demo. Since Summer 2011 they´ve been playing in the current line up and those black metallic maniacs from Austria are ready to conquer METALCAMP 2012 on the 2nd stage! Be there!

So far these bands have been confirmed for 2012:


+ many more!

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