Modern Death/Thrash Metalers DREADLINK interviewed.

Planetmosh got the chance to catch up with awesome guys that are DREADLINK ,and apart from the usual insights into the bands history, current plans etc, got to hear of some pretty radical tastes in music!


Firstly, thanks for taking time out to talk to us here at Planetmosh. I’d like to start by asking how you came to form Dreadlink back in 2009, had you known each other previously?


Well, we’ve all played in several bands before – some of us even together. After a while, we thought it was about time to grow up and do something that would leave a footprint.
DREADLINK was meant to be something special, more than “just another band”. We wanted to do something new, true and more professional without really leaving the underground metal scene… we think we did quite alright.


Germany has become one of the worlds biggest exporters of Metal over the last few years, which bands influenced you guys as you were starting out?


We don’t have any special influences which makes the album interesting because we only cared for how good the song is, not if it really sounds like something or someone.


Once you were up and running and had been able to develop your own sound, how hard was it to get yourselves noticed?


First of all we noticed that getting good live gigs is very hard for a new band like DREADLINK. So after a short while we decided that the production of a more or less professional album would be the best way to get noticed. We’d sent our album to several record labels and in the end it was Massacre Records that we decided to work with, and who made us part of their family. That’s the whole story!


I was lucky enough to get to review the debut album “Zero One” a short while ago, and an excellent debut it is as well, how did you approach the recording process, did you go in thinking ,“lets get this done as quick as we can”, or did you decide to take as much time as

We decided to do the recording in our own small studio to be free of any time and money constraints. Of course we made a recording schedule and had an idea about how long the recording process would take, so as not to take too long. We would always do it in that way again.
We did a lot of fine-tuning on the songs during the recording process, found out that some riffs did not really fit after the first rehearsal, then just developed something new and changed things until everyone of us was satisfied.


The album really packs a punch, tracks like “Haterpillar” for example have a real bone crushing riff and vocal sound. Would it be fair to say that you’re a band who don’t compromise when it comes to making the heaviest album possible?


The heaviness of our music is the basis of all but not everything. We still put an emphasis on good song writing and some melodic parts in between. Heavy music still is music!


The album actually links together around the theme of our cold hearted society, how did this concept come about?


While writing the lyrics for “ZERO ONE” we found out that our thoughts revolve pretty much around the same thing – humanity and its countless errors. We think about that very often and so decided to use it as a red line for our album.


Another thing I liked about the album was the fact that you’ve not tried to be overly technical with the sound, it still keeps that raw feel, was that a conscious decision when recording?


That was definitely a conscious decision but long before we did the recording for the whole album.
We wanted to produce something that is really heavy, authentic and raw. We think that in these days many metal albums sound way too clinical or maybe artificial and not really handmade anymore. That’s why we chose this way!


Now that the album is out, what are your plans for taking it out on the road?


Well we are doing everything at the moment to get some good gigs and play for bigger audiences. We hope to do some festival shows next year and maybe a small tour. As mentioned before it’s quite hard for newcomer bands to get started with that.
Actually we are in contact with different booking agencies to support us and get the thing rolling.


When do you begin to think about new material, are you constantly getting ideas for future songs?


We are constantly collecting ideas for future songs and already have a few songs ready for the next album. And believe me, it’s gonna be a blast!


Would you consider doing another concept style album, or will the follow up be something different?


Not 100% sure about that but at the moment we may decide to do another concept album!


Strange question but what, if any, other kinds of music do you listen to, are there any albums in your collection that might surprise us?


Ha Ha! well most times all of us listen to metal music but since you are asking for any other albums……Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle, Everlast – Whitey Ford Sings The Blues. The other guys in the band also listen to stuff like Electro & Jazz for example.


Finally, to those readers who may not be familiar with Dreadlink yet, how would you describe the band, its music and attitude?


DREADLINK is just fuckin heavy, raw and true. And our music sound just as pissed as we are!


Many thanks guys, and best of luck with the new album.

Zero One is out now on Massacre Records.





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