Monument – Interview with Peter Elis

monument-mascotSet to play the main stage at Les Fest this coming weekend, I caught up with Peter Elis (vocals) to discuss all things Les Fest.


There are only a couple of weeks now until Les Fest in Scotland, how excited are you about playing there?

We are really excited about it, in my opinion Les-Fest has the potential to grow into something really big and it’s really nice to be involved with it right from the start!


What is it that you’re most looking forward to?

Interacting with Scottish metallers! I always have a blast playing Scotland, some of the best crowds in the UK?


This is the second year of Les Fest and the first time playing there, do you know what to expect?

Judging from past experiences playing in Scotland this is going to be a really fun set for us.


Why did you want to play Les Fest?  What feedback have you heard from last year’s Les Fest?

We’ve all heard really good things from bands we know that played it last year so we didn’t think twice when we got offered a slot.


Can you explain how your band began?

Monument was formed when myself and Lewis Stephens left Los Angels and White Wizzard and moved back to the UK. We felt that we really should do this as there really isn’t another band in the UK at the moment that does what we do, which is playing true British heavy metal in it’s purest form but with modern production and sensibilities.


What’s been one of the biggest highlights so far?

Oh there’s been too many already but I would say opening for Dio Disciples at the O2 Academy in London was a personal highlight as I am a huge fan of every single member in that band!


For those going to Les Fest who may not have seen you play before, could you describe your music?

True British Heavy Metal.


If you could choose one Monument song to encourage everyone to come and see your set, what would it be?

Rock The Night (which features a guest solo by new Judas Priest guitarist and my good friend Richie Faulkner).


Do you have anything special planned for your set?

We will be performing two songs off of our upcoming debut album for the people in the audience at Les-Fest, looking forward to see how they go down!


How are you traveling up to the festival?  Do you have any eventful road trip stories when you’ve travelled to festivals?

We are traveling by van. To be honest if I tell you the really good road stories I am risking getting arrested so it’s better if I don’t, but hey, I am sure we are probably going to create some new stories at Les-Fest…


Is there anything you would like to say to those who are going to Les Fest?

Be there early to support all the bands playing before us and have a great time!!


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