MYRKUR Shares “Latvian Fegurö” & Short Film


Hailing from Denmark, carrying a distinct sense of Nordic isolation, one-woman black metal project MYRKUR combines the rawness of second wave black metal bands like Ulver and Darkthrone with a natural sonic, ethereal beauty. MYRKUR has created a wholly unique perspective on the genre and her debut, eponymous EP (out September 16th on Relapse) is a feminine yet definitively brutal record that has burst onto the scene like a Valkyrie into battle. Today Noisey debuted her second song “Latvian Fegurö” – “A warm female-vocal chorus over an icy, black-metal passage..”


Listen here:


Look further into the concepts and elements of MYRKUR in her short film (courtesy of Ravelin Magazine) as she shares:

“Nature is a big part of the reason black metal even exists. And all types of pure music that comes from a pure place. The word ‘Myrkur’ means ‘darkness’ in Icelandic. The place where there are no boundaries, where no one can hurt me. And when I have sung the screams it, physically hurts but it feels like something is leaving my body. I can’t remember it afterwards.”




Praise for Myrkur

“Her work greatly recalls Ulver’s Bergtatt album, emphasizing the influence of ambient music on black metal. The riffs stay true to the all-consuming enchantment that accounts for the continued relevance of Norway’s classics.” – Pitchfork

“One of the best atmospheric black metal albums of the year so far… a killer collection of expertly crafted second-wave style atmospheric black metal songs with gorgeous vocals” –  Brooklyn Vegan

“One of the best collections of atmospheric black metal I’ve heard this year” –  Stereogum


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