Nervosa – Audio, Glasgow – 15/08/2015

Thrash metal gig,headlined by Brazilian trio, which you could easily call a thrash metal girl power. For the first time Nervosa invading Glasgow. To make it even more fun, four local thrash metal bands were invited to make this Glasgow thrashathon, as it was called. The idea of seeing these three kick-ass Brazilian ladies in the small Audio club was exciting and very intriguing and local support of Black Talon, Circle of Tyrants, Damaj, Corrupt the System seemed to make quite a party.

With the starting time and timetables being moved and changed, the first opening act was settled to start at 6 pm.

Corrupt the System

When I entered the room a little bit past 6 pm, Corrupt the System was already on the stage, playing and trying to engage the very dry and transparent audience in front of the stage. Lads prepared roughly half an hour thrash/heavy metal set with the taste of Metallica, especially for the vocals. Guys were trying hard to make the audience move and probably did their best given the time of the show and almost empty club.

The band with the funky name – Damaj, was to enter the stage right after Corrupt the System lads left it. 15 minutes of sound check and they were there: young and technically well prepared. I happened to listen only couple of tracks as I had to leave the club to my date with Fernanda (Nervosa) for sincere interview (will be published later on).

Circle of Tyrants

When I was back to the Audio, Circle of Tyrants were already bouncing on the stage, the party mood was on, beach balls and boat was floating in the air and all of the sudden everybody awake after long Saturday sleep. In addition to that, audience wasn’t that transparent anymore, a little bit of thickness to have a proper beach party with still enough space to kick big beach balls around in the club. As it turned out, it was all the bands idea – I was told they are always in the party mood. So it looked like! If it’s party – you have to have proper music, preferably fast. Circle of Tyrants definitely didn’t have a problem making that: instant moshpit was quite a prove of that. Besides that, very engaging vocalist in the front and overall band’s quality performance was something making this band to stand out from all of the supporting acts that night. And beach balls party, too of course.

Black Talon

Another half an hour was gone while kicking balls around in Audio and it was the time for the supporting act of the night. There is no Scottish thrash metal gig without this band, so yes, they are becoming quite iconic. Black Talon from Edinburgh was on the stage, putting their exceptional quality performance and giving all the energy they’ve got. Very proud with their new album “Endless Realities”, lads performed both new and older tracks to show the best they got.

After Black Talon set, the time for Nervosa girls already came. They came on the stage epically with the proper intro, entering the stage one by one and getting quite the response from the audience. The crowd was as thick as it could possible get but still quite small. Despite that very concentrated and close to the stage, and of course, truly curious. Curiosity probably was the main reason for most of the people to come to the Audio club this Saturday night. Truth is, these people did the right thing after all! Even if anyone was possibly bored during some supporting acts, this was not the case with Nervosa. Girls playing together for only five years, managed to get quite a success and put themselves on the stages of big festivals in Europe, get the two months world tour and well, a lot of new fans after each gig they play. Nervosa seemed to be giving all their energy, great mood and amazing vibes thorough all the show. Girls prepared an hour long set and performed with high quality and energy.


To spicy up the whole thing guys from the crowd managed to get back the beach balls and boat to the action. In addition to the crazy fast  old school thrash metal riffs of Nervosa, the crowd went absolutely nuts, making a mess all over the place. Because of the balls and boat the equipment on the stage was being moved around, the moshpit increased and crowd surfing was essential as such, as well. Girls seemed to take everything with a laugh and sincerely appreciated the response they’ve got. The sound guy didn’t seem very happy about that, though. He tried to sort out things a little by taking the some of the beach party attributes outside the venue. But for crazy metallers, that wasn’t a problem as very soon it was all back in action.

Although the sound in the very beginning of the Nervosa’s show wasn’t that good and small audience seemed to be passive during most of the supporting acts’ sets, the end of the evening was more than cracking. Thrash metal girls from Brazil made it unforgettable and definitely got their army of fans bigger.




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