Night By Night Reveal New Vocalist at The 100 Club

A change of any band member is always hard, but somehow seems harder when it is the singer, the front man of the band. Some bands manage this well and others do not, thankfully for us, Night By Night are one of the former.

Warning us that their set was somewhat shorter than normal as their new vocalist had only joined two weeks earlier, the moment of waiting was over. Taking to the stage to front one of the best rock bands on the current UK rock scene was Henry Rundell who some people may know from his days fronting Voodoo Six.

There was no time to waste and they launched straight into their EP sized set, with Henry instantly proving his worth and the smiles from his new band mates showed he was doing good.

The vocal harmony between Ben, Johnny (bass) and the lead singer are a key factor in what make Night By Night great at what they do and stand out a bit form some of the others in their field. It was just a shame that we could not really hear how well this worked with Henry, on this occasion, as we couldn’t hear Ben well, but hopefully they will be back in the New Year with some eargasms for our live listening pleasure.

Despite the sound issues Henry with his own good, entertaining stage presence, proved that he has good vocal control and can hit the big notes, particularly on songs like ‘Time To Escape’, which went down very well with the Night By Night fans in attendance. Henry certainly got our seal of approval and we hope he sticks around.

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