Night Flight Orchestra – Underworld, London – 30th November 2018

Gates open at 6.00 and the promising flight of the Night Flight Orchestra in London is finally on track. The opening act, Black Mirrors came on stage at 7.15. The Belgian rockers brought their Indian feathers on stage and under the dim lights they set the atmosphere for boarding on the flight. Their music was reminiscent of Halestorm, Janis Joplin, Queens of the Stone Age and Jex Thoth to me, but it had lots of rock and progressive infusions into it with a female vocalist. Their folk and atmospheric elements fused with rock guitar riffs set a nice atmosphere and had the crowd enchanted, watching in awe and first pumping where suitable. They were a very good choice as support and they delivered a good show.

8.30 and the flight was about to set off. The crew of the band came on stage dressed up in nicely polished suits, along with the two ‘stewardesses’ drinking wine and cheering to the crowd. The Underworld was full to the brim with people waiting to see the Night Flight Orchestra perform their almost 90 minute classic rock set of a series of absolute bangers. Their setlist comprised of songs such as ‘Living for the Nightmare’, ‘Midnight Flyer’, ‘Star of Rio’, “Something Mysterious’, ‘Paralyzed’ and encore ‘This Time’, ‘Lovers in the Rain’ and ‘West Ruth Ave’ transforming the venue into a big glamorous rock n roll party and having people dancing and headbanging throughout their whole set, while everyone was cheering and singing along. The highlight of the night was the guitarist soloing while he was being covered in golden glitter dust. All in all it was one of the most enjoyable gigs, a big upbeat party where everyone enjoyed themselves and was left longing for more.

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