NLC/RAPCA Festival 2014, The Maze, Nottingham – Day 2, 4th May 2014

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David Tonge AKA Big D
David Tonge AKA Big D

After a superb first day I called in the 24/7 shop for some crisps, chocolate and a milkshake then after my midnight feast I went to bed looking forward to day 2. Unfortunately I awoke feeling sick and with a killer headache thus I ended up missing the first four bands and no, it wasn’t a hangover because I’m not a big drinker. I reckon that milkshake must have been a bit off! Obviously I’m not able to review those bands but by the interval I was in need of sustenance and at a round table discussion over beans on toast and a latte (for me) here’s what my friends had to say about the bands I missed. Photos and set lists are courtesy of Richard Lindley.

FirebombFirebomb all the way from Nottingham to open day 2 came Firebomb who according to general consensus were ‘musically good but the vocals didn’t reach the high notes’

Set List: Reach for the Sky / Love Life Loaded / Hurricane / Sick Baby / Hell to the Man / We are the Wild / Rocking Man

Band Members:
Kevin Simpson / Matman Randall / Tim S

Heartbreak Remedy I’d love to have seen this Cumbrian four piece as I’m told they were ‘Bloody Fantastic’ ‘Fucking Awesome’ ‘Powerful really strong vocals’ ‘Tight set. Sound’ with comments like that I felt compelled to go and see them at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield on 20th May when they opened for The Last Vegas and a full review of that gig will be published shortly.

Set List:  Cocked and Loaded / South Side City / Hair of the Dog / Tell Me Why /
Life / Josephine / Truth / Keep Rolling

Heartbreak RemedyBand Members:
Matty Penn – Vocals & Bass
Callum Glynn – Lead Guitar
Luke Blair – Rhythm Guitar
Stephen Jackson – Drums

Theia from Burton Upon Trent are a band I’ve heard good things about and today’s comments back them up ‘Three really young kids. Brilliant at what they do’ ‘Matured. Really good’ (the latter comment being from someone who saw them last year.


Band Members:
Kyle Lamley – Vocals & Guitars
Paul Edwards – Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Tj Weston – Drums

Set List:
We’re Alive / Paper the House / My Poison / Afterglow / Overthrow / Some Days / Ride On / Whoop Dee Dog

The Black Hands
The Black Hands

The Black Hands had travelled down the M1 (well I don’t know if they used that route but it’s likely) from Sheffield. These were described as ‘Bluesy but samey. Very good at what they do’ ‘Very Led Zep’ and it was also observed that they ‘Broke the bass pedal but the other guitarist covered’ I didn’t manage to get a set list but if anyone knows it please let me know and I’ll add it in.

Band Members:
Daniel Riley
Andy Gannon
Ben Atkins
Joe Hayes

Apologies to the bands I missed. After pints of water, extra sleep, solpadeine and a cup of decaf coffee I managed to pull myself round and make the 15 minute walk across to The Maze from The Park Hotel which was my base for three nights. I’m glad I hadn’t forked out for breakfast because I wouldn’t have managed any today. There were still eight bands left for me to see though!

Steroid Freak Pussy
Steroid Freak Pussy

Steroid Freak Pussy the first band I saw today started with a long instrumental intro then out of the shadows sprang Tommy with a shout of ‘Are you ready to unleash hell?’  ‘Let’s see some hands’ an imposing figure, tall with waist length hair, ripped jeans and leather jacket he instantly grabbed the audience’s attention. Tommy’s mic stand was decorated with a scary clown mask whilst Thunder’s was adorned with a pair of pink and black furry dice. I noticed what appeared to be steam rising from the drum kit and Dan had gone topless, which means it was either dry ice or it was getting hot and steamy up there. Hell was followed by Suicide then Tommy asked ‘Alright Nottingham, are we having fun?’ and announced ‘We’re Steroid Freak Pussy man’ and I recognised yet another Yorkshire accent and very close to home, as Wakefield is a mere stones throw from my home town, Barnsley!

Steroid Freak Pussy then gave us a mean rendition of Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction’s High Priest of Love and it was fitting for me to hear a bit of Zody here in Nottingham, as the only time I ever had the pleasure of seeing the man himself was at Rock City in around 1988. This one got everyone clapping. It’s a great song and they covered it well. The bass player then appeared to whisper sweet nothings in Tommy’s ear who promptly divulged that ‘Cougan always does this! Gets me to ask. Can we have more guitars?’ Tommy’s jacket kept slipping from his shoulders and, he finally went the whole hog and, removed it before taking a swig from a silver hip flask.

SFP's Tommy singing to the audience
SFP’s Tommy singing to the audience

Dan had, accidentally, left his snare drum in Wakefield and Tommy asked us to give it up for Seb Boyse from Eva Plays Dead who had let him borrow his. Seb got up on stage to a round of applause and took a swig from the proffered hip flask. The next song D.O.R. started off mellow them wow it sped up to 100 mph with a penetrating bass drum beat and some screaming riffs. After a ‘Big shout out to Ironfoot for supplying the drums’ there were only two songs left. If it Ain’t Broke had more screeching riffs and was reminiscent of Motley Crue and Zodiac Mindwarp. Ending the set with Pussy Blowout a catchy song with the chorus including ‘Everyone loves Steroid Freak Pussy. Everyone needs Steroid Freak Pussy’ and by the end of the set everyone seemed to be a bit Pussy loved-up! Great set from the Wakey lads!

Set List: Hell / Suicide Nation / High Priest of Love (Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction cover) / D O R / If it Ain’t Broke / Pussy Blowout

Vocals: Tommy Shan / Guitar- Thunder / Bass – Cougan / Drums- Dan Halen.

Facebook Page:

Fallen Mafia
Fallen Mafia

Fallen Mafia from the North East were next up. A band I’d seen a couple of weeks previously so I expected a good show from these guys. Young and good looking, which always helps, with Hannah looking stunning in leggings with cut outs and Chris and Lee with masses of black hair and wearing just as much makeup! Opening with Master of Disaster followed by  Don’t Look Back with some Iron Maiden style riffage. The next song Leather Lipstick, Cigarettes was dedicated to Planetmosh, and just happens to be my favourite Fallen Mafia song. Powerful whoa, whoa, whoas and some powerful riffs played by ‘The Topless Pirate’ with one leg propped up on the speaker! Fortunately I was stood at the opposite side of the stage or I might not have been able to concentrate on my job! How the story Ends slowed things down a bit, before Just Like Me a new one with a bass start and some interesting deeper sounding vocals from Hannah.

Fallen Mafia
Fallen Mafia

Hannah asked  ‘Anyone had a psycho ex, like a nutter of a girlfriend or boyfriend?’ before Psycho which reminded me of Pirates by Bullets and Octane, or maybe I just had Pirates on the brain by then! Another great song. We then came to the last one Dirty which was dedicated to ‘The Coors’ and I wondered why on earth would they dedicate a song to The Coors, then I realised that it was actually dedicated to the cause! That’s accents for you! I picked up flavours of Radar Love by Golden Earring in this one, mainly in the rhythm.  Chris then finished the show with a ‘Thank you very much Nottingham. We’ve been Fallen Mafia come and have a beer with us’ a good set from Fallen Mafia. Big D got up to thank them and said that the festival will be back next year and then it was interval time.

Set List: Master of Disaster / Don’t Look Back / Leather, Lipstick, Cigarettes / How the Story Ends / Just Like Me / Psycho / Dirty

Band Members:
Hannah Elizabeth Neil – Vocals
Chris ‘The Doc’ Johnson – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Lee Fiddes – Bass
Matty Brough – Drums

Facebook Page:

Eva Plays Dead
Eva Plays Dead

Eva Plays Dead a four piece from Derby were the first band after the break so people were fuelled up and ready for the last six bands. Fronted by Tiggy Dockerty, slim and petite, in black leather look pants with ripped knees and a black and  white top. Eva Plays Dead opened with Live Again followed by Taken Over Control these guys are fast and punky, the leaning towards punk being affirmed by Zach’s impressive Mohican and the patches adorning his denim waistcoat. Their next song was taken off their new EP, which Tiggy said they were supposed to be keeping secret. We’re Not A Family slowing things down with some powerful yeahs.

1950’s Woman a great song had the audience clapping whilst Seb stopped drumming for a short while. Secret is one from their album ‘Guilt Trips and Sins’ and there’s an official video on YouTube. Secret a fast song with great riffs and some strong vocals, the rhythm reminding me a little of All My Life by The Foo Fighters with Tiggy’s voice having a similar quality to Joan Jett but we’ll come to that later! Tiggy announced ‘Ladies and gentleman. Mr Seb Boyse on the drums’ and we got a fine drum showcase. The final song Wonderland was a hard rocking number with super fast drums and they were about to record a music video for it. They’re currently on tour and if you’re quick you can catch them in Derby, Birmingham or London check their Facebook page for details.

Zach - Eva Plays Dead
Zach – Eva Plays Dead

Set List:
Live Again
Taken Over Control
We’re Not A Family
1950’s Woman

Band members:
Tiggy Dockerty – Vocals
Matt Gascoyne – Guitar
Zach Shannon – Bass Guitar
Seb Boyse – Drums

Facebook Page:

Joey and his broken bass
Joey and his broken bass

The Senton Bombs Big D announced The Senton Bombs as ‘Next up from the town with the big erection. Blackpool’ I’ve seen these a couple of times and expected good things and they stormed straight in opening with Tornado a whirlwind of a tune. Joey brandishing his broken bass which had received some rather heavy handling by baggage handlers on it’s way back from Denmark. A bass drumbeat and some awesome riffs led to Nothing Quite Like This a memorable song which includes the lyrics ‘Bombs. Bombs. Bombs away’ and some die hard followers had their bombs at the ready to down in one. They played all my favourite songs and next came Nine of Hearts then Hooked and there was no lack in the quality of sound from the broken bass.

Joey said ‘We’re known as a punk rock band’ before they played the fast, rocking Medusa with Joey and Damian playing to each other, looking to be having fun, and Johnny at the front of stage. Scott behind his kit and banging away as though his life depended on it! I again noticed steam coming from the drum kit! Darkest Horse has a great country feel to it and No Rest for the Rocking is another fast rocking tune! Joey asked ‘Is everyone having a good weekend? Let’s all drink to a good cause, there are some rocking bands to come’ and it would have been rude not to raise a glass to RAPCA UK. Finishing off with Jackal a rocking song which saw Damian off stage playing to members of the audience. Joey’s last words ‘We Were the Senton Bombs’ a great set from the Blackpool Bombs!

Damien and Joey - The Senton Bombs
Damien and Joey – The Senton Bombs

Set List:
Nothing Quite Like This
Nine of Hearts
Darkest Horse
No Rest for the Rocking

Band members:  Joey Class – Vocals & Bass /  Damien Kage – Guitar & Backing / Johnny Gibbons – Guitar & Backing /  Scott Mason – Drums

Facebook Page:


Silverjet from Sheffield usually a four piece. Three men and the lovely Sally Gallo but with Sally on holiday we only got the guys. Opening with In t’sun a song which reminded me of Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes. Followed by Rocking the Moment with flavours of another golden oldie this time Free’s Wishing Well Frontman Dave, who was also on stage yesterday with Teenage Casket Company, asked ‘How are we doing with the new shit?’ and received a few whoops in response. ‘We’re Silverjet. If any of you have seen us before that was a couple of new songs’

Broken came next with some great riffs then Take My Pills before Liam said ‘Every single band has said it but how awesome is this gig?’ ‘Ok to Big D and RAPCA’ Hell Yeah is a popular Silverjet song and had many of the audience members shouting ‘Hell Yeah’ and tapping their feet. After that we got another new one for you Gotta Get it Reight a bit gentler with gentler riffs and a good bass line. Dave then pointed to another guitar ‘Do you want me to play that one? Don’t you like the Telecaster?’ and he switched guitars although he then admitted that this was the point where he changed guitars anyway. Dave said Liam could dance to the next one Topside and he must have been dancing so hard that his guitar strap had become detached, but like a true pro he managed until the end of the song then reattached it. Dave inquired ‘Are you ready to get Crazy?’ and Crazy was a real feel good track to finish with, you can’t help but dance a bit crazily to this one. A good show from Silverjet minus one!

Dave and Liam - Silverjet
Dave and Liam – Silverjet

Set List: In t’sun / T’moment / Broken / Take My Pills / Hell Yeah / Gotta Get it Reight /  Topside / Crazy

Band Members:
Dave Kerr – Vox / Guitars
Liam ‘Pais’ Hill – Bass / Backing Vocals
Lee Stoyles – Drums
(Sally Gallo – Guitars / Backing Vocals but not playing today as on holiday)

Facebook Page:

Jamie Derelict - JD and the FDCs
Jamie Derelict – JD and the FDCs

JD and the FDCs  a band I saw only a week ago were next on the agenda. All in their customary black with white FDC armbands. Ujpest Dozsa with lots of whoa, whoa, whoas got things off to a rocking start. This Ship is Going Down had plenty more whoa, whoa, whoas and a fast beat. From the Shadows reminded me of Green Day say Basket Case. Fire Door was a mellower one followed by a newer and faster one Hoying Bricks to the Moon then Jamie announced ‘That’s got the new shit done! Now for some stuff you know and like. For the guy who drives the fastest lawn mower in Derby. Give it up for Danny’ and the band launched into The Secret with a bit of a Sex Pistols meets The Beastie Boys feel to it which merged nicely into  Sabotage a cover of the latter. Jamie requested ‘Let me have a high Slade thumbs in the air. RIP MCA’ from the Beastie Boys, who died two days ago today (4th May 2012). All thumbs were raised in respect to MCA.

JD and the FDCs with Tiggy Dockerty from Eva Plays Dead
JD and the FDCs with Tiggy Dockerty from Eva Plays Dead

Then according to Jamie there were some in this room who think he’s the UK’s answer to Bruce Springsteen and he announced ‘We’re going to bring someone on stage, the woman who demands she is Derbyshire’s answer to Joan Jett, from Eva Plays Dead. Miss Tiggy Dockerty’ which led to a rocking cover of the said Joan’s I Hate Myself then Tiggy was rudely dismissed with a ‘Now get the hell off my stage!’ How rude! Who does he think he is? Bruce Springsteen! Obviously!  Jamie asked up to give it up for all the bands before playing, what is probably their most well known and popular track Burn This City Down which has a brilliant video on YouTube and had everyone singing along to the chorus. Jamie thanked David Tonge for putting this on before playing the last song Stupid Music Played By Idiots which was dedicated to Eva Plays Dead in particular to bass player Zach Shannon. A raw, energetic, punky number with members of the audience taking the mic to sing ‘Stupid music played by idiots’ including Zach and most of them out of tune, worthy of pub karaoke, but it was a great fun ending to a great set and got lots of cheers. JD and the FDCs will be on tour with the Misfits in June.

Set List:
Ujpest Dozsa /  This Ship is Going Down / From The Shadows / Fire Door / Hoying Bricks to the Moon / The Secret / Sabotage / I Hate Myself (Joan Jett cover) / Burn This City Down / Stupid Music Played By Idiots

Band Members:  Jamie Delerict – Vocals/Guitar /  Dazmondo – Lead Guitar/Vocals / Joey Strange – Lead Bass/Vocals / Danny Gunn – Drums

Facebook Page:

The Idol Dead
The Idol Dead

Idol Dead The penultimate band of the second day, and therefore of NLC/RAPCA Festival 2014, were The Idol Dead from Leeds/Selby. The band in black and fluorescent lime green with frontman Polly Phluid’s microphone stand adorned with a fancy green scarf. Polly makes an engaging frontman think Iggy Pop, David Bowie and Mick Jagger all rolled into one Yorkshire powerhouse. Polly yelled ‘You guys have been spoilt today’ and the Idol Dead started their set with Burn Me which reminded my of Velvet Star’s Rockstar/Superstar followed by Buckle & Howl with great riffage and plenty of Fuck Yous! It looked like a melee on the stage with all 4 vying for enough space to bounce around! Polly asked ‘Are we still awake?’ then answered the question himself with ‘Course we are. We’ve just seen JD & the FDCs. Then he declared ‘This is about my misspent youth and brief career as a horticulturist The Summer That Never Was a fast, energetic song which saw polly bouncing around manically.

Polly Phluid - The Idol Dead
Polly Phluid – The Idol Dead

Travelling Family Man came next and Tim was down to five strings having broken one. Polly exclaimed ‘Tim Jeffers is such an awesome guitarist he’s going to play it without that string’ and the lack of a string didn’t result in a lack in quality. The song had a great rhythm and bass and people were clapping along in time to the music. Polly then appealed ‘Can we get corporate? Get to the stand Eva Plays Dead are going out on tour and need the money, plus we’re givin 10% of everything we sell to NLC/RAPCA. Also we’ve got a pledge campaign’ (link below). The next one The Bones of You was written for ‘all the glorious people’ who follow the band around. A catchy one with the chorus ‘We will follow you’ and when it finished Polly asked ‘Was that a little bit sycophantic’ there were some loud whoops and yeahs although possibly still in appreciation of the song rather than in answer to the question! Six Feet Under was dedicated to audience member Martin Short  whether it was because he likes that song or they consider that he will be the death of them I’m not sure.’We’re going to do a song about a stripper before we leave’ was the intro to Dion with some screaming riffs, which saw Polly with arms raised and spinning round. We then came to the end and Polly said he’d managed to keep his shirt on but I noticed that his feet were bare. I think that may be the norm from Polly though ‘Thank you to Dave. Give yourselves a round of applause’ then the Idol Dead played I.D.O.L a great song for audience participation then band sang I.D.O.L the audience sang D.E.A.D guitarist KC was out in the audience on someone’s shoulders. An entertaining song to end their great set and get everyone warmed up for the headliners.

Set List: Burn Me / Buckle ‘n’ Howl / Summer That Never Was / Travelling Man / Bones of You / Six Feet Under / Dion / Idol

Band Members:  Polly -The Voice /  Tim – The Squeal / Suggy – The Rumble / Nish – The Beat / KC – The Scratch

Facebook Page:
Pledge Page:

Knock Out Kaine
Knock Out Kaine

Knock Out Kaine the final act to play at NLC/RAPCA saw a slightly depleted audience as people had left to get public transport but there were still a few die-hards left. I’ve seen them twice, a year ago at Rockmantic and I wasn’t particularly impressed then recently supporting Jizzy Pearl when they were amazing so I was hoping tonight would come into the latter category. Knock Out Kaine got the show off to a great start with a belting cover of Queen’s We Will Rock You then Dean said ‘Thank you. It’s a fucking pleasure’ The next song Skinstar with an Aerosmith meets Junkyard (Sweet Motion meets Hollywood) vibe was all about a Pornograph Skinstar. Dean told us that the next one is one of his favourites Set the Night on Fire with screaming riffs and a great bass drum beat. Boxes a brand new song will be on their next album a fast rocking number with the chorus ‘They put us into boxes’

Dean Foxx - Knock Out Kaine
Dean Foxx – Knock Out Kaine

Dean then got out an axe or rather a great black chopper of a guitar which looked a bit of an axe and announced ‘This one’s a country number’ and I thought it sounded very much like Copperhead Road by Steve Earle, which was a good thing because it did turn out to be a cover of the said song with a bit of bullet drumming and a little faster. Dean then said ‘ We had this requested by a lovely lady we know. Last time we saw her she was butt naked’ the song all about infidelity was Back Street Romeo and again the strumming had a country feel to it. Dean then ditched the axe and asked ‘Will someone take this and put over there on that seat?’ I might have run off with it, or at least just had a picture with it! There were only two more songs to go as there’s a curfew. ‘Next one about taking narcotics. The bad drugs, paracetamol, co-codamol, cans of Skol. This one’s on our album’ Little Crystal which saw Dean removing his shades. Then we came to last orders for the band and for NLC/RAPCA with Time which had a Black Velvet by Alannah Myles feel to it and some great riffage. Dean’s final words ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been a pleasure Thank you very much, cheers guys, see you at the bar’ and this set did fall into the amazing category! It was only right that the very last words came from the festival’s hard working organiser Big D  ‘Thanks! See you May next year’

Danny Krash - Knock Out Kaine
Danny Krash – Knock Out Kaine

Set List:
We Will Rock You
Set the night on fire
Copperhead Road
Backstreet Romeo
Little Crystal

Dean Foxx - Knock Out Kaine
Dean Foxx – Knock Out Kaine

Band Members:
Dean Foxx – Lead Vox
Jimmy Bohemian – Guitar
Lee Byrne – Bass
Danny Krash – Drums

Facebook Page:


Summary It’s difficult to pull out a highlight performance for day two, as I missed four of the bands anyway, so it wouldn’t be fair. I have to say that everyone I saw put on a brilliant show, it’s a fantastic mini festival and you can’t possibly beat the price to see 24 great bands in such a short space of time. All proceeds going to charity with £1,653.43 raised in 2014. A massive cheers to Big D and all the organisers! Roll on 2015!


Review of Day 1

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