Rockin’ For the Children Festival 2015: 2nd-3rd May 2015, The Maze, Nottingham

Big D
Big D

NLC/RAPCA Festival 2014 has just taken place over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend. Just announced for 2nd-3rd May 2015 is next year’s event!

Here’s what Big D, who organises this event each year with help from his friends and family, had to say: –

“We raised awareness and an awesome £1653.43 for Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse UK help us do even more next year, If you can help in any way, sponsorship and Media especially please get in touch. Bands and Tickets will be announced soon.” Cheers BiG D

Update from Big D on the 30th May 2014: –

‘ONLY 5 SLOTS left and we are still in May 2014..Crazy times and difficult choices..2015 is going to be EPIC !!!!!!!’

Update from Big D 5th June 2014: –

‘We are pleased to announce that we have 2 aweosme international bands joining us for next years NLC / RACPA UK ROCK FESTIVAL 2015… Coming from Italy and bringing some hard sleazy Rock n Roll we have the brilliant Blood On Asphalt and all the way from Israel we have the fantastic Chase The Ace with sexy rock N roll that you will dance yer bones too… Thank you to both bands for coming and helping us raise more funds for Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse UK… AWESOME’

The Self-Titled (Photo taken by Gary Horder)
The Self-Titled (Photo taken by Gary Horder)

Update from Big D 10th June 2014: –

‘SO we can confirm that The Self-Titled will be with us for the NLC / RACPA UK ROCK FESTIVAL 2015 on the saturday with there awesome brand of Heavy riffs and kick in the balls Rock n Roll… Please go over and hit the like button and welcome the guys on board for 2015…BiG D’

Update from Big D 13th June 2014: –

‘Any BANDS FANCY OPENING THIS BEAUTY you have until Friday 20th to get your names down.. !!!! If already applied don’t add here….
As you know we only have 1 spot left on the NLC / RACPA UK ROCK FESTIVAL for 2015..The OPENING SATURDAY SPOT.. HERE IS WHAT WE ARE DOING —- We are looking for a band who will open with blistering set and blow the walls at 2pm on Saturday 2nd May 2015 so if you are the band that can do that please apply with your name below.. WE will then as a panel from NLC cut the list to 10 BANDS who we will play on the Noize Level Critical Radio Show on Wednesday 2nd JULY 2014 and we will let the listeners and Festival Rock Family vote live in the event page for who they would like from the Top 10 to open the festival.
This is my cop out as we have so many bands wanting to play and i hate turning down people LOL, but it also gives our fantastic supporters their say in the Festival..The LINE UP IS EPIC and we need to start with a bang…


Update from Big D 1st July 2014: –

VOTING IS CLOSED and we have our Opening Act for the NLC / RACPA UK ROCK FESTIVAL 2015…..The brilliant Crowsaw. A huge thank you to ALL the bands for getting so much support and making this an awesome show and evening of tension and voting… Cheers D

NLC Ale from Castle Rock Brewery
NLC Ale from Castle Rock Brewery


Update from Big D 2nd July 2014: –

WE are Looking for More Sponsors and Donations for NLC / RACPA UK ROCK FESTIVAL 2015… We run the whole Festival on nil budget and every single penny we raise goes Direct to Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse UK..If you want to be a part of helping this awesome charity please get in touch…From the Supply of Lanyards to Printing Services (Posters and flyers) and from PR services to Street Team we would love your help… By sponsoring it means More Funds can be raised and more Victims of Abuse can be helped contact David Tonge for details …Thank You BiG D

Also on 2nd July – HUGE THANK YOU to Sheila Hamilton and PlanetMosh for having a chat with BiG D about 2015…

Update from Big D 12th July 2014: –

Falling Red
Falling Red

BREAKING NEWS:- Over the past weeks I have been working quietly to sort out line up times/days etc plus also having the awesome vote to open the Festival which the brilliant Crowsaw won… But also I have been chatting to a band who I have wanted on the Festival for a very long time !!!! things always conspired against us for one reason or another…… this week a message from Fahran asking if they could possibly play Sunday and not Saturday due to reasons which were unavoidable opened an opportunity for me again, plus having a great day with these guys at Les-Fest and a reet good chat sort of made this all possible… So Fahran will now be Co Headlining the Sunday with The NLC ALL STARS and at long last I have been able to confirm the awesome Falling Red as our Saturday headliners..I hope you agree this just gets BETTER and BETTER and BIGGER every year…I am one happy BiG D right now and hopefully you will all support us and fill Nottingham next 2nd & 3rd MAY…. The guys are awesome and will have a full hour set to play brilliant hit after hit..Don’t forget the Cheese !!!


29th August – NEWS:

Unfortunately last night we had a band pull out of the Festival, Blood on Asphalt who were coming over from Italy have decided to part ways and look at other projects, a great band who fully supported Noize Level Critical over the years, 2 of the members are forming a new band who I am sure we will see in the UK at some point in the next couple of years…We thank them and wish them luck….. BUT who do we have to Replace them ???? FIND OUT SOON ( awaiting 100% confirmation from the band in question)

30th August – LINE UP NEWS:

CrashgateI can now confirm that the Band who will be now opening the NLC / RACPA UK ROCK FESTIVAL 2015 on the Saturday 2nd May will be the awesome and friends of the show Crashgate. All the bands will move up 1 slot to fill the gap left by Blood on Asphalt. Crashgate have recently featured on the Cover mount CD of Metal Hammer which Craig Sheridan said was a massive honour for the band… Craig is also a great supporter of Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse UK and we are pleased to welcome the guys on board for 2015, I think you will agree a great addition to an already unbelievable line up.. welcome the guys by checking them out and hitting that LIKE button..cheers BiG D

Hyena1st September – Name Change

Weatherbird have announced a change of name to Hyena, please go check out their new page here

News from Big D – 14th October 2014 

We are pleased to welcome on board the NLC FESTIVAL 2015 our second chosen charity. Awareness For Autism
Proceeds from the event will be split 50/50 between Awareness for Autism and Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse UK

The event name will change to NOIZE LEVEL CRITICAL FESTIVAL 2015

Many thanks to 2 more awesome sponsors in Nottingham LIVE and Revelstone Financial Services Ltd ( Keith Lamley )

Bulletproof Rose (Amy Graham Photography)
Bulletproof Rose (Amy Graham Photography)

Updates from Big D 29th October

9.20pm BREAKING NEWS… It is with sadness that we have to announce that The Self-Titled will no longer be playing the Festival in May due to unforseen reasons..BUT DO NOT FEAR ..I hope to be announcing a replacement very very soon….

11.28pm BREAKING NEWS..AGAIN – I can now confirm that the band who will now be opening the Festival in 2015 is Bulletproof Rose, another awesome band from the North west of the Uk and one who came very close in the voting show we had on NLC.. we are pleased to have the guys with us and ask you all welcome them on board and check them will not be disappointed…BiG D (Bulletproof Rose were PlanetMosh Featured Band in May 2014 see here)

Updates from Big D 12th December 


11.41 am BREAKING NEWS: It is unfortunate that 28 Shots have been pulled from the event, The 2 members who were impicit in getting the band on the Festival have both gone and with no correspondence from the Band of any style I have taken a decision to remove them from the line up, some may say harsh but I have to be sure I am dealing with bands and people who are 100% with us, I have sent a message to the band with again no reply…… BUT I have got the replacement all ready for you guys……

12.07 pm MORE BREAKING NEWS…… LINE UP CHANGE… With the loss of 28 Shots we needed a Band who can deliver on ALL levels, one who will not only get Sunday started in top Loud Rockin fashion but will kill it and get you guys on your feet after that saturday hangover…. I have been barracked, sworn at and called a loon for leaving these guys off the 2015 line up. SO I am righting my wrong and would like to welcome very good friends of ours and a band you all love back into the family ..The boys from Burton on Trent THE MIGHTY THEIAuk !!!!!!!!!

NLC Ale from Castle Rock Brewery
NLC Ale from Castle Rock Brewery

Update from Big D 23rd December

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Freakin Rockin New Year in 2015, We are only 4 MONTHS from this Festival now and I want to send a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the bands, The Venue and Sponsors who are supporting us in 2015, without you guys I couldn’t even start to put this awesome festival together.. ALL those who have bought tickets (lots of you) I will be getting the E Tickets out in January and those who haven’t yet bought at silly price of £12 per weekend pass..HURRY UP the offer will only be on until Mid February.

Now it’s time for Beer and Cake !!!!! BiG D

Update from Big D 5th January

WITH 17 WEEKS to go and Ticket Orders flowing in, Time to get my arse in gear and get on the job, I am still looking for sponsors who want to jump onboard and support 2 awesome charities helping and safegaurding our children, Awareness for Autism and Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse UK… This can be via a great raffle Prize, Sponsoring Lanyards, T Shirts, Large poster printing..etc ALSO looking for a very generous PR company to help spread the word a little further…
Get in touch by e mail if you can help in any way extend our fund raising possibilities.. title e mail NLC FEST 2015..

Polite Request from Big D 12th January

If anyone can help !!!!

In the process of getting a few Exlusive Rock Goodies together for a small auction during the breaks over the NLC “ROCKIN FOR THE CHILDREN” FESTIVAL weekend, Thank you to PJ Johnson for his help with this task… If anyone can help out with this via contacts they have or Bands they know please message me… ALL proceeds raised will go to Awareness for Autism and Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse UK..

The bands playing the weekend are doing so FREE of charge and we wouldn’t expect these guys to do anymore and we hope they will have merch for sale on the weekend that you can buy to support them all..

PS:- NLC nor myself take NO MONEY from the Festival, every pound raised or taken via sponsorship or on the tickets is used to cover a cost or given to the charities 100%…

NLC ALL STARS confirmed 15th January 2015

NLC ALL STARS now all confirmed and tracks are now ready to be rehearsed !!!!! FULL BAND LINE UP : Rob Lane, Michael Richards,Richard Shawa nd Kieran Tonge and our GUEST Vocalists are Polly Phluid, Holly Bolus, Hannah Elizabeth Neil, Kyle Lamley, Aaron James,Rob Wylde, Dave Kerr and Stephen Church.

ALL TRACKS are Killers and a Sunday evening party is guaranteed…

NLC ALL STARS are sponsored by Revellstone financial Services ( Keith Lamley )

Polite Request from Big D 15th January 2015

WITH 15 WEEKS TO GO we are still seeking any sponsors who may want to help out and give us tha chance to raise even more Money for our 2 charities Awareness for Autism and Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse UK.. Help us, help the charities, HELP THE CHILDREN.. ALL money raised 100% will go to help the charities.

Orange Amplifiers – Full Backline
Ironfoot Drums – Drum backline
Rock Raunch & Twisted – Stage and Sound Saturday
Tongue Driving School – Stage and Sound Sunday
PlanetMosh – Media Partner
Nottingham LIVE – VIP/BAND Lanyards/passes
Robert Balmer Photography – Photography
Keith Lamley – NLC ALL STARS rehearsal costs etc
Bats Blood – Raffle prize


If anyone can help then please Private message myself if not then no worries as we are 100% going ahead and tickets are looking good…

I am also trying to get Drinks companies on board ie MONSTER or ROCKSTAR and also seeking a Guitar to have signed and auction, e mails are awaited with answers…

Request for Street Teams 21st January 2015 

STREET TEAMS NEEDED:- THIS year there will be around 4500 Flyers being street teamed and deposited in areas incl Nottingham, Derby, Burton, Leicester, Coventry and Stoke, plus Ilkeston, Long Eaton, Eastwood.. We are working withBreaking Bands Festival in Coventry, Leicester and Stoke with double sided Flyers…. All other areas will need STREET TEAMS to hand out and drop flyers… Many said last year “HOW CAN WE HELP” now is the chance to HELP !!! Please get in touch..Dave.

STILL SEARCHING !!!!! 26th January 2015

SO here is a BIG….. NAY MASSIVE ASK LOL Does anyone have a contact with a Guitar manufacturer or Outlet that may like to sponsor the NLC “ROCKIN FOR THE CHILDREN” FESTIVAL with a Guitar we can get signed by ALL the bands on the Festival and auction off for the Charities..ANY HELP appreciated again…yea I know haha Please get in touch if you do !!!! CHEERS


Screen printed on quality Black Shirts in Male and female sizes…

In order to make the T Shirts cost effective we have altered the design slightly, still stunning I hope you agree.. We need to take names for orders to be made possible, this can be done by pre order direct for £12 ALL profits will go to the 2 charities after costs,by doing this it guarantees a Shirt and makes life easy for myself..OR if you wish to purchase on the day please leave NAME, M or F, and SIZE below in comments on Facebook group page


Update from Big D re T Shirts – 5th February 2015


FESTIVAL T SHIRTS ( LTD to 50 only) and Selling Fast.

To guarantee your festival T shirt in the right size and design (M or F) please Pre Order in our web store. Orders will be ready on the day of the event.
Quality Black Shirt with Full Screen print to front and back and ONLY £12 each. ALL profits from the shirts will be split between the charities 50/50

A MAJOR Festival design at a budget price..

Update from Big D 13th February 2015

BREAKING NEWS: We are pleased to introduce and welcome The Midnight Dogs to our Sunday line up, the guys are replacing Spill Sixteen and are gauranteed to bring a pure full on Rock n Roll attitude to the party… From Leicester they will be hitting tha stage just before New Generation Superstars and with the help of Hell on High Heelz the atmosphere will be electric..PLEASE check the guys out and say Hi…. Welcome on board dudes >>>>BiG D

Update from Big D 18th February 2015



Well Holy Crap !!!!!! WTF is happening in the Rock World with bands falling like flies at the minute. We are sad to announce that Little Mammoth are now no more and I personally want to wish Holly Bolus all the very best, she is a star with an awesome voice and hopefully we will still here that voice during the NLC ALL STARS set on the Sunday..

SO to filling that vacant spot I am pleased to announce and welcome back to the festival a band that went down a storm last year and one I know you guys all love.. Psychobabylon… Posters and T shirts etc will all be officially changed asap.. Please welcome the guys back and check them out on facebook etc… BiG D

Update from Big D 18th February 2015

Picking this Baby up from the awesome JH Skewes on Thursday and will be starting the Auction very very soon… This could be yours at the right bid, ALL 100% proceeds going to Awareness for Autism and Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse UK

 Update from Big D 3rd March 2015

Bigfoot_EP_CoverBREAKING NEWS:— Once again I am in a position to give Bad and Good news, this year is like a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs and spins and turns !!!!!

Unfortunately we will no longer have the pleasure of welcoming Hyena to the Festival on Saturday as they have landed a slot at Live Leeds a large Festival and also Download, I personally wish the guys all the best and they are one to look out for in the future… The GOOD news is that we have once again secured an awesome replacement, these guys will melt your faces with their brand of loud Rock n Roll..please welcome in to the Family the fantastic Bigfoot..these guys are in demand at many Festivals this year and we are lucky to get them with us on Saturday 2nd May… welcome and Thank You BiG D

Update from Big D 10th March 2015

NOW LIVE here…/VINTAGE-V52-telecaste…/121591355846…

RETAILS at £249.00 unsigned..

Sold to the winning bidder on 20th March for £360!





Update from Big D 13th April 2015

URGENT NEWS AND UPDATE :- Well with just under 3 weeks to the Festival it is with sadness that we have to lose one of my favourite bands Fallen Mafia, they will announce reasons soon but I would like to wish them all the luck in the future and I’m gutted they can’t be with us as they are also good friends….

BUT… we have once again found another outstanding replacement from the vast list we have sent every year.. these guys have been played regularly on the Noize Level Critical show and we are pleased that they will be playing their first Full band show in Nottingham with us, after impressing at The Sal on Friday with an acoustic set we are very pleased to welcome the brilliant Rusted Hero to our Sunday Party…please check em out and I’m sure they will get a massive NLC family welcome…Dave.

PS:- T shirts have been printed so can’t be altered !!!!!

Updates from Big D 14th April 2015

1) We are pleased to welcome along for the ride Scorpio PR & Review, based in Nottingham they will be offering interviews to any bands that wish to get one done, sending a Photographer etc, It is strengthening our already awesome Media base supplied by our Main Media PartnersPlanetMosh

2) NLC “ROCKIN FOR THE CHILDREN” FESTIVAL just gets better and better with not only Mordecai releasing their EP at the Festival nowHeartbreak Remedy are releasing their Debut ALBUM at the Festival..come on guys what more do you need, FESTIVAL, EP/ALBUM Releases, AWESOME BANDS and 2 days of rock n Roll Partying…. and still only £16.00 !!!! PURE MADNESS..


Tix EARLY BIRD MAD OFFER £12 for Weekend Pass, 2 days and 20 bands !!!!!

Get your accommodation and any time off work required booked NOW!

Updates will be added as soon as we get the information!

Running Times: –



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