North Wales Metal night, Railway Institute, Bangor. 05/05/12

Metal and Rock returned to the Railway for another night of high volume and high energy mischief, with a triple bill of quite varied bands.

First up are Polly, a Nirvana tribute/covers band who kick things off very nicely with a 45 minute set of grunge which is well received. Nirvana to be honest were never a band I personally got into, either at the time or retrospectively but Polly sounded really tight and were a great choice to start the evenings proceedings.

Next up were Conwy’s  Zebedy who I must admit to being a fan of, therefore I was really looking forward to seeing them live again as they never disappoint, and tonight was no exception. A 60 minute set gave the band plenty of opportunity to showcase their material including a couple of newly penned tracks which came across really well, the tentatively titled ‘Home/Grassroots’ in particular is a real stormer. The rest of the set was filled with crowd pleasers and ended with the anthemic ’This Is My City’, which if you’ve not heard before you should really make the effort to check out. An excellent set from an excellent band.


And so on to headliners Blind Ambition, who had braved the not insignificant trek from south to north, surviving more than their fair share of mishaps and obstacles along the way but thankfully made it in one piece. The band fall firmly into the traditional Heavy Metal camp, delivering a set of no nonsense, no frills rock which you can’t help but like. Songs such as ’Judgement Day’ come across really well in a live setting with riffs a plenty and lung busting vocals which can’t help but consolidate the bands growing reputation as a kick ass live band .
North Wales is at last starting to see a rise in Rock and Metal nights such as this, and not before time either, so here’s to the next time.

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Rock/Metal junkie living in beautiful Anglesey.Love live music and have a musical taste which can go from Cannibal Corpse to Kate Bush in the blink of an eye.
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