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On November 25, 2016
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Unashamedly brutal, a real classy album





Obzidian return with their third full length album ‘Obliteration Process’, marking a triumphant follow up to 2014’s acclaimed ‘Concrete Psychosis’, and what a hefty slab of Metal it proves to be




‘Obliteration Process’ is one of those albums that just does not mess about. Devoid of the arty farty, this release exists for one purpose, and one purpose only, to blow you away. Current single ‘Sins Here Are Purified’ gets the wrecking ball rolling and wastes no time at all in cranking the volume up to eleven, with a bludgeoning riff that just throws you against the nearest wall – Matthew Jenks’s vocals sounding incredibly powerful throughout. ‘Perish The Thought’, which follows, is a great example of the vocal technique on offer, full of aggression borne from some tormented and twisted past but always measured and controlled, sounding really well polished – which is testament to a great job production wise. Vocals alone do not make a good Metal album of course, and that’s one of Obzidian’s many attributes, strength in depth. Yes the album is brutal, yes it’s harsh and uncompromising, but strip all that away and what you have is four lads just having an absolute blast. So many records in this genre can come across as being somewhat forced but this whole album sounds so fluid and natural, even the totally mental ‘Body Of Mass Production’, whilst being played at full tilt, remains incredibly balanced




Also, you have to bear in mind that this is an independent release and as such I doubt whether it’s had barrow loads of money hurled upon it. And yet it can really stand up there with the best of them in terms of sound and production, coming across as the result of much blood sweat and tears in the studio. Listening to tracks such as the quite experimental and highly technical ‘Like Maggots They Infest’, you can instantly glean just how good a bunch of musicians these guys are.  And, on the evidence of this album, bang on top form as well. Album closer ‘Raven’ is an almighty gem and the perfect way to round things off.  Really total unapologetic Metal played with real class.




Thrash Metal, in my eyes anyway, is a genre that is particularly saturated at the minute with countless bands jostling for a piece of the cake. Therefore, it takes something rather special to be able to get yourself noticed and on the radar.  What that magic ingredient is no one really knows but one thing’s for sure, Obzidian have it in abundance. If you’re partial to a bit of Lamb Of God, maybe mixed up with a hint of Meshuggah, then this could satisfy your needs




An incredibly well thought out and put together album of unashamedly hard hitting Metal that surely will turn more than a few heads

Recommended Track – ‘Sins Here Are Purified’


Track Listing;

Sins Here Are Purified

Perish The Thought

They Led The Fall

Beaten Into Submission

She The Shadow

Obliteration Process

Desolate Creed

Body Of Mass Production

Mistress Of Deception

Behind The Angel’s Eyes

Like Maggots they Infest




Obzidian Line Up;

Paul Hayward – Drums

Matthew Jenks – Vocals

Baz Foster – Guitar

Matt Jeffs – Bass


‘Obliteration Process’ is available through all online stores from November 28th





Unashamedly brutal, a real classy album

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