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On May 5, 2014
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Osian's Rhizome reviewed briefly at @PlanetMosh.

osian - rhizome - album cover artOsian is an alternative metal band from southern Italy, formed during the birth of the genre in the mid 90s. The band’s latest offering, Rhizome, is a six song disc that pays obvious homage to popular alternative music of that era: bands like Depeche Mode, Type O Negative, Ministry, The Cure, White Zombie and Korn. It’s got sparse hateful screaming parts to lend some heft, but the bulk of each song sounds like you’d expect it to. For fans of “goth” and “emo” music, this disc of dark rock might be perfect: it isn’t super heavy, nor does it lean on ‘hatecore’ vocals for emotional delivery. Unassuming, relaxed, inoffensive, and fairly atmospheric, the record has it’s moments. For today’s overcrowded digital music scene, what would help the band most would be to develop their own style, to set themselves apart from the rest, then put that style forward on tour.

Track Listing:
Moons of Saturn
On Easter Sunday
By the Tide
Sky Whales

Band Lineup:
Dario Giliberti: Vocals, Bass, Synths
Angelo Maggipinto: Guitars
Danilo Rotolo: Guitars
Alex (Lex) Rotolo: Drums



Osian's Rhizome reviewed briefly at @PlanetMosh.

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