Over To You – Interview

Brit Punk Rockers OVER TO YOU make their mark with the release of their new single ‘Storm Chasing’, which is out on 6th October. With that in mind, we asked the guys to introduce themselves:



-What is the full band line-up, who plays what?

Sam Yesner – Main Vocals and Bass Guitar.

Jimmy Embleton-Smith – Vocals and Guitar.

Ben Wood – Drums.


-How and when did the band form?

We formed in 2014 after Jimmy and Ben parted ways with their former band and approached Sam to start the new project, as we have all played together in former projects and share a mutual love for punk rock.


-When and how did the band really start gelling and solidifying?

As we had experience performing together before we already had a small connection, but we started out playing a few covers as well as working on song ideas at rehearsal for a few months, as well as spending a lot of time at Sam’s student house in Bristol writing songs and having jam sessions, and all the work at rehearsals really paid off when we landed our first gig in 2015 which is the moment we really felt locked in together both musically and with our performance.


-What are your musical influences?

Luckily the three of us all share influences, our main ones being: Green Day (90s era), Sum 41 Nirvana, Lower Than Atlantis, Basement, The Story So Far, Weatherstate, and early Foo Fighters.


-Where have you played or toured?

We have only toured in the UK, playing Manchester, Doncaster, London, Swindon, Bristol, Swansea, Brighton, Guildford, Harlow, Leicester, Whitchurch, Oxford, Bolton and Reading! Sharing stages with bands such as Muskets, River Becomes Ocean, and The Bottom Line.


-If a deaf person were to ask you to describe the sound of your music, how would you describe it?

Fun, exciting, gritty, energetic, head banging inducing punk rock.


-Do you have a tour on the horizon?

We are working on a tour through the north of England for later this year.




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