OVERDRIVE “The Final Nightmare” – Cover, Tracklist, Release Date


The release date of the new OVERDRIVE album “The Final Nightmare” on CD is August 22nd, 2014. The preorder phase will start on August 8th, 2014 in the webshop.

The British NWOBHM cult band OVERDRIVE from Grantham (not to be confused with the Swedish Obscure-Metal band) are a misunderstood gem for lovers of the genre. In 1981 the Band released the three track single “On The Run” – which is now extremely rare, followed by four studio albums since 1990. Now they have signed a deal with our sub-label Pure Rock Records and the first album of this collaboration is called “The Final Nightmare”.

The five gracefully aged men are playing nine catchy, driving and moving hard rock songs, very near to the border of classic heavy metal, spiced up with several Deep Purple/Rainbow-like Hammond/Keyboard solos. The vocals are reminding sometimes a little bit of Saxon front man Biff Byford, while original guitarist Tracey W. Abbott is celebrating simple, catchy riffs that are going straight into the ear. Between faster tracks like “Glass Game” and “Wasted” or good mid-tempo songs like “Twisting My Mind” and “Lost On A Mountain”, you can also find powerful ballads like “Taken Young (Ben’s song)” or epic tracks like the final title track. Chris Tsangarides, who already cooperated with titans such as Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath, has mastered the album. He gave an oppressive, earthy sound to the album, which perfectly fits to the strong tracks.

One of the biggest underdogs of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal is back; stronger than before!


1. Invited to Hell
2. Twice Shy
3. Glass Game
4. Twisting My Mind
5. Wasted
6. Lost On A Mountain
7. Nightwalker
8. Taken Young (Ben’s Song)
9. Final Nightmare
Total Playing: 45:23 min


Ian Hamilton – bass, vocals
Tracey Abbott – guitars
David Poulter – vocals
Ian “Scratch” Padgett – drums
Tim Hall – keyboards, vocals

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