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On 9 July 2018
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Ground Breaking Black Metal

P.H.O.B.O.S. arrive with an eight track album ‘Phlogiston Catharsis’ that will tear up the rule book as regards defining genres in Metal

The concept of Industrial Doom becoming a happy bedfellow with Black Metal is certainly an intriguing one, and P.H.O.B.O.S. have succeeded in ensuring that nuptials did indeed take place. However, what I particularly liked about this project was the bands willingness to dive into the unknown and immerse themselves in an experimental venture that incorporates past present and future

Atmospheric is a word that does not really come close enough when describing the vibe of the album as a whole but is perhaps the closest we are going to get, such is the unique ambience contained within the vinyl grooves. ’Aljannashid’ for example, is a track that is both engaging and ominous in its construction, the mechanical drum beat powering an exotic yet tortured soul through a myriad of musical landscapes, punctured by a malevolent vocal that just exudes darkness. Album opener ’Biomorphorror’ could easily have come straight from the factory furnace as its industrial distorted riffs sear into your body like molten steel

On the whole, the vocal is used pretty sparingly, delivered to create the mood before fading and letting the music take over but always on hand to rear from the depths and scare the living daylights out of you. The hypnotic distorted guitar sound throbs and pulsates, becoming ever more threatening as the album progresses. Gone are the days of generic screeching and banal riffs, this album is inventive, intriguing, thought provoking and nothing short of a breath of putrid air to the Black Metal scene

Well worth investigating further, it probably wont sink into your psyche straight away but please persevere as the rewards are great

Recommended Track – Igneous Tephrapotheosis

Track Listing ;

Igneous Tephrapotheosis
Zam Alien Canyons
Aurora Sulphura
Neurasthen Logorrh
Taqiyah Rhyzom
Smothered Scoria

P.H.O.B.O.S. Line Up ;

Frederic Sacri > distortion / keys / pulse / vox
Mani Ann-Sitar > distortion / keys / vox
Magnus Larssen > subs / infras / lines / pulse

‘Phlogiston Catharsis’ is released through Transcending Obscurity Records on 10th of September

http://Transcending Obscurity Official Site

http://P.H.O.B.O.S. Facebook


Ground Breaking Black Metal

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