Paradigms – Dichotomy’s New Release.

DichotomyDublin metal band, Dichotomy, are due to release their eight track album, Paradigms, this coming Saturday 2nd March. This band has a great reputation when it comes to live performances both at local venues and around the country. A reputation that has seen them land support slots for big bands like Anaal Nathrakh. Without a doubt, everyone who has seen Dichotomy play is eager to see what they’ve conceived in the studio with Allwyn Walker (Westland Studios). I wish to advise: all should listen to Paradigms, but one should not have hot beverages in hand while doing so – a mistake I made myself.

Paradigms’ lamenting intro lulls her listeners into a false sense of security, breaking down any pre-conceived notions that this will be a mindless experiment with noise. The intro breaks into the first full length track, The Sentient Oppressed, which is the point where you will probably suffer third degree burns if, as I say, you have any hot drinks in the immediate vicinity.

All Seeing Eye is the third track on the album. It’s a true demonstration of how this band is in a league of their own when it comes to technical death metal in Ireland.  They set the standard high with this track with unrelenting ferocity. There is a sinister eerie feel running throughout this track and that paired with the colossal force from drummer Dave Fay makes for a great combination. There is plenty of blasting throughout this album but were not bombarded which makes it all the more accessible. Every instrument it really well defined as the production quality is fantastic. Everything is crystal clear including the bass in All Seeing Eye which plays a big part in the ominous sound.

Polarity is one of my favourites from these guys. Having seen it live a number of times, it was interesting to hear it translated onto compact disc! Like any good adhesive, Polarity will stick with you. The menacing, foreboding guitar riffs create a sense of impending doom. While other tracks are an expression of the technicality and heaviness of the band, Polarity manages to fuse the melodic with all of that. Polarity has more of a hook to it than other tracks, so it stands out. Similar to the like of Meshuggah’s Catch thirty-three, Paradigms is flowing and cohesive and each song is like a continuation of the previous but with enough twist so it doesn’t come off repetitive.

If you thought that there was going to be any kind of lapse in the consistency of this album –  you were wrong. No Catharsis, the fifth track is the perfect example of just how unrelenting this album is. There is a prominent Aristotelian sentiment in the lyrical content, creating a sense that Paradigms is a tragic drama that listeners have to take a subjective stance to – in other words, be involved in it instead of listen objectively.  You can save any expectations for purging emotional tensions for when you’re blaring Sinead O’Connor. For anyone who is not a fan of “Yuppies” but is a fan of Ellis’, American Psycho, this track is not one to be skipped over. The vocals of Kevin O’Connor are exceptional. His illustrious roars and screams tell the story of Paradigms in all its raw, Orwell’s “Burmese Days” meets Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” during the apocalypse glory. The vocal variety of O’Connor keeps your attention instead of becoming monotonous and more of an endurance test than anything remotely enjoyable.

The musicianship on this album will be difficult for other Irish bands to rival this year. Instrumental tracks like Alea Iacta Est (The die is cast) illustrating the inventiveness of the band members and creating a dark ambiance. Each riff, solo, blast, scream etc is well thought out and adroit. Speed is something that this band has mastered. Everything is a careful construction that has been produced to perfection. Paradigms is a triumph and intellectual and anyone who claims to be a fan of Death Metal should have this in their collection. Dichotomy have created something almost untouchable.


Overall rating I would give this album is 8/10, it probably would have been higher is not for the mishap with the tea whilst listening *shakes fist*.

Paradigms is for fans of: Gorod, Obscura, Meshuggah

Paradigms is not for: The faint hearted or fans of Cliff Richard.


Track List:

  1. Empyrean
  2. The Sentient Oppressed
  3. All-Seeing Eye
  4. Polarity
  5. No Catharsis
  6. Covenant of the Foresworn
  7. Alea Iacta Est
  8. Of Strife Of Discord


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