Paradise Lost Review, Hammerfest.

Paradise Lost return to Hammerfest once again. Unfortunately Nick Holmes wasn’t 100% well with a cold that effected his voice, but he still managed to push through. The night is hit off with a song off their latest album ‘The Rise of Denial’ instantly getting the audience motivate for a breakout of moshing.

Greg Mackintosh caught my eye, he was so lost in the music, feeling every beat, rhythm and note he played, moving continuously on stage. I felt Nick Holmes at times wasn’t with us just a cold presence, but other times he brought a spark that would just light up out of no where, bringing the performance back to life. They followed through with a variety of songs off all their albums giving their fans a piece of everything, ‘Pity the Sadness’, ‘Erased’, ‘The Enemy’.

Their fans were loving every minute of it, especially when ‘As I Die’ was put forward, the horde released an extensive amount of energy to make a circle pit that covered the entire middle of the stage one area. This lead perfectly like a hand in a glove to ‘Honestly In Death’.

I was extremely gutted when ‘Hallowed Land’ and ‘Forever Failure’ wasn’t added to the set but made up for it when ‘Faith divides us – Death unites us’. Paradise Lost had a period of their music not filling their full potential but when releasing ‘Faith Divides us- Death Unities Us’ it proved to the metal scene they were making there way back to the top and by the sounds of it, their next album release will prove this even more.

To finish off they take the heat up a notch with ‘Say Just Words’ and ‘Embers Fire’.  This wasn’t the best performance or even close to being the best performance at Hammerfest but still worth the watch. I also think their set could of been a stronger one. There were a lot of great songs missing from their latest album a shame they weren’t added on to the live show. However Planetmosh looks forward to catching up with them again as they embark on a full UK tour.


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