Parhelia – ‘The Precipice Of Change’

Parhelia - The Precipice Of Change ArtworkThis sophomore offering from Dublin instrumentalists Parhelia has been four years in the making, being as it is the follow up to their 2009 full-lengther debut, ‘Shifting Sands’ (they previously had released two EPs, ‘First Light’ in 2006 and 2007’s ‘Oceans Apart’).

‘The Precipice Of Change’ is a hypnotic album, trance-like and beautiful in every aspect of its construction and delivery.  It’s seven tracks flow seamlessly and effortlessly, drawing the listener into their entrancing embrace with their combination of old school progressive rock, jazz and ambience.

There are moments where you find yourself wishing it was a bit heavier – and such wishes are granted, albeit briefly, on the likes of the first half of ‘Chemtrails’ – but the feeling soon passes as you are absorbed back into the flow of the music and the ebb and surge of its warming embrace.

A beautiful, rewarding album.

Track listing:

  1. Latitude By Longitude
  2. Capricorn One
  3. Desert Of Thought
  4. The Light That Guides Us
  5. Magnetic North
  6. Chemtrails
  7. Precipice

‘The Precipice Of Change’ is self-released and is available directly from the band’s website –

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