Peepshow, Underworld, Camden, 29/3/12

I am going to begin by apologising for the late posting of this review, I feel that I should say right off that the delay had nothing to do with the gig or the quality of performance from any of the bands that evening.  All of which were fantastic.

Right, now to the review……

As I wandered over to Underworld that evening I was looking forward to a night of music and entertainment and that is exactly what I got.  The only downside (and I’ll say this now) was that venue was not as full as I would have liked.  There were several rows of people at the stage front throughout the evening as well as around the sides, but there was enough space for many more.  I say this now as I thought (and still do) that this was a right shame as all three bands were fantastic and deserved to play to a packed out venue.  However, those that attended had no reserve in showing their appreciation for the bands nor did the lack of crowd dampen their enjoyment of the evening.

First up on stage were The Hounds, who apparently have only been together for 2 years.  They arrived on stage and got straight on in there with guitars and drums, and only a few seconds in you were already immersed in their set.  Their style is a mix of American Southern style and rock; relaxed but with a dirty rhythm to it.  To be honest, they were not what I was expecting to see that evening and are not what I would class as metal at all, however, I really didn’t mind.

The both singers’ vocals were nice and clear, with one having a bluesy twang for the second song .The Chaser’.  This is a great song with the drums teasing you on the build-up.  The next song ‘Fighting man’ starts off slowly, with mostly just vocals and then literally explodes on the chorus, going quieter again for the verse; an American old style rock number.  Next came their new song ‘Heaven’, though as the band rightly pointed out, if you haven’t heard any of their songs, then they’re all new!  Though from the cheering and whistles from the crowd, I suspect there were a few there who knew their songs well.

As this set went on I found myself tapping my fingers and feet in time to their songs.  This is not a heavy band by any standards, but I would happily go see them again and would welcome the chance to sit on the grass at a festival on a summer’s day and listen to them.  In fact, I have already been recommending them to many of my non-metal liking mates.


Set List:

No Destination

The Chaser

Fighting Man

Son of Mine

Said I

Heaven Knows

Here Comes The Rain



Next on the bill was Falling Red, fresh from their recent appearance at Hammerfest IV.  Following a more dramatic entrance, Falling Red started their first song even harder than The Hounds and immediately you felt you were in the middle of their set.  If, like me, you didn’t manage to catch them at Hammerfest, you would have been left very glad to have had this second chance to watch them, and yet also disappointed to have missed their Hammerfest set.  I thoroughly enjoyed this set which is more straight forward old style, and something you would expect to be played in a metal bar.  Their first song ‘Break Me’ goes fast all the way through; a good choice for a first song.  The next song comes with a request to all the hot girls to shake (shall we say) their assets, to which they are rewarded with some nice guitar work in the breaks of the song.  Also entertaining was their singer who moves around the stage with energy and ends the song with a great loud, long scream.

The fourth song ‘Last Kiss Goodbye’ slowed things right down with a Bon Jovi sounding ballad, which seemed to be well-known by those present.  This sounded very much like a love song, but it maintained the signature vocals and guitars which to me made it even better.  Following this they yell ‘You’ve seen the video.  Camden! You wanna get fucked up, then you’d better come on down!’  which is a great song to shout along to, as did many around me.  I really enjoyed hearing this song live and was shouting along with the rest of them.

Later came ‘Outta Control’ and I can see why this is one of the favourites of those present, as the drum beat is constant throughout and literally makes you move along to it – well, that’s my excuse anyway.  After this the band was introduced and just when you think Rozey is going to say his own name, he takes a swig of water and yes …you know what’s coming.  As did our photographer, the lovely Linda, but did I?  Nope, and for that I was rewarded with my share of the water as it was spat out onto the crowd.  I can’t deny that I was thinking of marking them down for that, but seeing as they were Linda’s favourite band of the night I just can’t bring myself to do so.  But also because I found them very entertaining; they were full of energy and I would happily pay to see this band play again – though perhaps stand a little further from the firing line?

If they are playing at a venue near you I suggest you get on down and watch them; I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.


Set List:

Break Me

How You Feel (On Me)

My Little Vice

Last Kiss Goodbye

Change For No-One

Come On Down

We Are Who We Are

Out Of Control

Ain’t Down With The Rock

Long Tall Sally

Shake The Faith.


So far I and those around me had enjoyed a  great night of music and so I was very much looking forward to watching Peepshow who were last on – last, but by no means least.  First up on was ‘Let Go’ and like their predecessors, their first songs gets right on in there with a great instrumental drawing you into their set. This song was energetic and tight all the way through and immediately I was pleased to be there watching them.  Getting louder at the end, this song would have done them proud as the last song to leave the audience wanting more.  But no, it was only their first so there was much more to come.

Up next was ‘Live Free Or Die’, which in my opinion is one of the best tracks on their new album ‘Brand New Breed’ (of which all of the songs that evening came from).  I just love this song as the instrumental at the beginning again pulls you straight into the song and gears you up for a battle themed song.  If you haven’t heard Peepshow before, listen to this song and you’ll want to go see them for sure.  I’ve listened to it countless times since the gig and I haven’t been bored with it yet.

From the first song this was already one of my favourite sets over recent months and as the songs progressed I could feel myself getting more and more into this band.  The energy from the stage encourages you to join in, and many there were indeed.  It was clear the band had several committed fans in the audience who were seriously enjoying themselves.

‘Irreversible’ brought a change of pace in the form of a love song, which was a surprise.  ‘Irreversible’ begins slow and softly and it is a pretty song – not hearts and flowers pretty, as Johnny’s voice is too edgy for that, but in my opinion that just serves to make it more effective.  Another one to listen to and one that the crowd certainly appreciated.

Following this they went straight into ‘Waking The Dead’ and straight away you know this is a song that needs to be played loud either on stage or in your own home.  By now I am enjoying myself to a ridiculous level with my only regret being that I don’t know the songs as I want to sing and shout along to them – and I do, even if I get the words wrong.


Set List:

Let Go

Live Free Or Die

All Or Nothing

Feed On Me


Waking The Dead


Follow your Instincts

Brand New Breed


The night ended far too quickly for my liking and all I could think about was that I wanted to come back the next evening and watch all of the bands all over again.  I haven’t enjoyed watching a gig that much for a while and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  It was a brilliant night out and I had to stop and buy Peepshow’s album ‘Brand New Breed’, while Linda bought both CDS from Falling Red and then proceeded to have a discussion over who was the best band that evening.  Falling Red took Linda’s vote (you’ve made a fan for sure) whereas I voted for Peepshow.  However, both were just brilliant to watch.   I can say that I have definitely added Peepshow and Falling Red to my list of bands that I don’t want to miss again and I suggest you do the same.  I shall also be keeping an eye out for The Hounds as well.

I am extremely glad to have had the opportunity to watch each of these bands play and I hope it is not long at all before I can go see any of them live again.

Overall – an absolutely top night of entertainment and one that needs to be repeated as soon as other London dates are announced.

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