PERFECT BEINGS release ‘The Making Of Perfect Beings’ video

Perfect Beings have released a video for ‘The Making Of …’ which can be seen below:

This is a rather charming, interesting and personal tour through the making of the album from the individuals that make up this band and features some great insight into how these guys worked together to make this incredible album come to pass.

‘Perfect Beings’ was released in June 2014 via My Sonic Temple

1. The Canyon Hill
2. Helicopter
3. Bees and Wasps
4. Walkabout
5. Removal Of The Identity Chip
6. Program Kid
7. Remnants Of Shields
8. Fictions
9. Primary Colors
10. One Of Your Kind

Ryan Hurtgen, vocals, piano   (Rene Breton)
Johannes Luley, guitars   (Moth Vellum)
Chris Tristam, bass   (Marjorie Fair, Slash)
Jesse Nason, keyboards   (Deccatree, am)
Dicki Flizar, drums    (Bruce Dickinson, JR’s Great White, Skin)


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