Peter Frampton – Hummingbird in a box

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Peter Frampton

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On June 19, 2014
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A great album but I'd love to have seen it released as a CD/DVD instead

Peter Frampton - Hummingbird in a boxPeter Frampton’s latest release has an unusual background – Ballet.  In April 2013 the Cincinnati Ballet performed two segments to some of Peter Frampton’s music before doing a third segment to new music from Peter Frampton, with Frampton and his band performing live for all three segments.  That new music is now being released as an mini album, Hummingbird in a box.

As the new music was written specially for the ballet then I wasn’t surprised to find it’s not heavy rock but is more soft and melodic.  The music is built around some beautiful guitar part which is often quite intricate and which sounds beautiful.  Throw in Peter Frampton’s vocals and the result is seven songs that are all beautiful to listen to.

While title track “Hummingbird in a box” uses acoustic guitar and is a soft melodic track, “The one in 901” switches to electric guitar and has its roots firmly in the rock camp.  It’s not an all-out rock song though, but the drumming and the electric guitar parts do give the song a stronger harder edge than the previous song, until two thirds of the way through when the soft vocals give it an almost Pink Floyd feel before we’re back to the rockier instrumental part.

“Norman Wisdom” is a quirky track that really does remind me of 10cc.

Listening to the album I have to say I love it, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking it would have been nice to have it released as a CD/DVD package so we could see how the ballet fitted with the music – it’s like listening to a film soundtrack rather than watching it, yes you can enjoy it but you can get more from watching as well.  I’m not someone who watches ballet but I’d have liked to see how it fitted in with the varying styles of music on the album.

“Hummingbird in a box” will be released on 7th July 2014 via Red distribution/Sony Music

Track listing:

1. The promenade’s retreat
2. Hummingbird in a box
3. The one in 901
4. Friendly fire
5. Heart to my chest
6. Shadow of my mind
7. Norman Wisdom

A great album but I'd love to have seen it released as a CD/DVD instead

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