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Petros Petalas creates new band ‘The Sullen’

All new Athenian one man project band ‘The Sullen’ are set to release their first track ‘For Strange Times  Ahead’ in both digital and physical forms in the near future. Formed out of the ashes of his previous band ‘Final Words Of Sorrow’, The Sullen was created last year by Petros ‘Elathan’ Petalas in Athens.

It’s musical path is an alloy of gothic/black metal with melodic doom elements, under the aegis of Tribulation, Paradise Lost, Primordial and the prime Rotting Christ era. Petros comments on the release: “It’s a piece about how everyday struggles steal our smiles and make us walk about sullenly, and the wish to escape from all of it.”

Check out the single above. Interesting….

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