Phil Conalane frontman of Million $ Reload interviewed

This is Lee Walker from conducting an email interview with Phil Conalane frontman of Million $ Reload
LW – For those people out there who are just discovering Million $ Reload how did the band come into being?

Phil – All the members of M$R were playing in other bands in and around the Belfast area about 5 years ago, and it kind of happened through mutual friends saying to a couple of us that it would be cool if we collaborated. We were all friends anyway so when Kie (bass) and I got together to write a couple of tunes it wasn’t long before the other guys got involved and it just snowballed from there.

LW – What bands/artists have been your main influences over the years ?

Phil – AC/DC, Aerosmith , GNR the usual bands….as clichéd as sounds !

LW – It doesn’t seem that long ago you were playing Hard Rock Hell . How did your set go?

Phil -It was a great set.  We had been playing the same set for a month or so. We had been opening for The Quireboys back in Ireland and we were opening for The Darkness the night after HRH , so we didn’t want to tinker with the set too much – just for continuity. The 2nd stage audience were in good form and the room was pretty full, so that was great.

LW – This was the second time that you have played Hard Rock Hell. Was there any noticeable differences this time around ?

Phil – Being on the 2nd stage was the main difference, a bucket load more people at the stage and a really good time slot (6pm). I feel we are a much better live band than we were 3 years ago ~ better songs etc.

LW – In terms of the bands that played Hard Rock Hell this year did you manage to watch any of the other acts performing there ?

Phil – Yes, we got to see our countrymen Therapy? which was cool. We hooked up with our buddies The Treatment whom we toured with this year on the Powerage tour so that was nice. Bonafide doing an acoustic set was fantastic.

LW – Throughout the years you have played numerous gigs and festivals. What one has been your most memorable to date ?

Phil – It’s hard to say, it’s hard to pick just one. I guess playing Download Festival has to be the highlight so far. Having said that, playing the legendary Ulster Hall in Belfast with The Darkness was pretty special too. The Ulster hall was the venue that Led Zeppelin played Stairway to Heaven for the first time live anywhere in the world, AC/DC have played there, Metallica , Thin Lizzy ….all the legends have played there!

LW – In terms of festivals I couldn’t help but notice that you have played Download twice, Hard Rock Hell twice as well as Bloodstock. Are there any plans for you to play Sonisphere at some point ?

Phil – Absolutely, we would love to play Sonisphere. I hope we get asked someday!

LW – Do you have any plans for a new album ?

Phil – We have the new album recorded, we finished it just back in September. Hopefully we will get it released sometime in the Spring 2012.

LW – What are your plans for next year ?

Phil – To tour as much as possible – everywhere!

LW – Are there any bands from the rock/metal scene you recommend keeping any eye on right now ?

Phil – There are so many great bands around at the moment , but for me I’m keeping my eye on Buffalo Summer from Wales, I really like them and our buddies New Device from London – they’ve been on hiatus lately but they are back at it again so I’m interested in those 2 bands right now.

LW – Do you have any advice to offer bands that are staring off ?

Phil – I don’t think I’m qualified to offer advice to new bands lol, I suppose just keep going at it , never give up and just do what’s true to yourself.

LW – Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans ?
Phil – See you all next year on the road, and keep an eye out for the new album!!!

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