Phleffonyaar to release new album via Black Bow Records

Phlefonyaar, (pronounced *flef-on-yar*) is a doom/sludge/industrial band from London named after one of the beast tribes that live on the banks of the Phlegethon in hell. This irreverent group of miscreants anticipates a new album, ‘We Rest When the Crows Feast‘ , in early 2020. It will be their seventh studio release.

Once described as “What’s that ungodly racket?” and “four indentured sociopaths three a.m. sad sad lotion time,” the Big Phlef (as some call them) are a joyous rotting hobo carnival that celebrates all that’s wrong with the world and…. are pro cat!


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About Sty

A patriotic Welshman, and one quarter of Manchester hardcore/punk band Eye Licker.