Platinum Brunette – Irritable vowel syndrome

Platinum Brunette - Irritable vowel syndromePlatinum Brunette are a parody band from Sydney, Australia.  Fronted by Demonica Lewinsky, all three members wear drag, so you have a Nurse, a nun and a schoolgirl.  The band formed in 2003, releasing their debut single, BMW, in 2007.  This was followed in 2009 by their debut eponymous album and a live EP in 2010.  Now they’ve released their second album, Irritable Vowel Syndrome.  It was originally released digitally in 2012 but demand was such that in 2013 they chose to sign a deal for it to get a physical release worldwide.

The words “Parody metal” always make me pause as it’s a genre that really does seem to vary considerably in terms of musical ability.  I’ve heard some truly awful parody metal, but equally there are some amazingly good Parody metal bands around – check out Evil Scarecrow as an example.  With Platinum Brunette I’m glad to say that the music is good, which for me is the most essential part.  It’s guitar driven heavy metal with good riffs and a nice fast pace.  It’s good but there’s nothing that really makes it stand out from the crowd.
Lyrically there’s nothing over-exciting either, so really the only thing that makes this band stand out is their image.

So overall it’s good run of the mill heavy metal that’s certainly worth a listen, just don’t expect anything out of the ordinary.

Track listing:

1. Antipasto superstar
2. One fine day
3. Stepmother of doom
4. Mullumbimby
5. Mr Nice guy
6. Beef curtains
7. My kinda girl
8. One way ticket
9. Father dear
10. Risen

Platinum Brunette are:

Demonica Lewinsky – Lead Vocals and Bass
Britney Houston – Guitar & Vocals
Magda Marylene – Drums & Vocals

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