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On 24 January 2014
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Upbeat, but average, retro late 1980s styled 'hair' or glam metal disc


Rejoice, hair metal fans, the genre still lives, although it’s migrated to Japan and… Brazil.

Pleaser, from Brazil, have released their One Night In Paradise disc.

Steel Panther they are not… Pleaser seem average players who take their party rock seriously.

@PlanetMosh reviewer Louella DeVille states “(Pleaser is) reminiscent of a lot of the great bands of the late 80s – early 90s. I picked up elements of Faster Pussycat in a couple of tracks: “One Night in Paradise” reminded me of “Cat House”. “Take It Off” reminded me of “Scratch My Back” by Roxx Gang. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Bar” was like “I’m Blind In Texas” by WASP.”

Some tunes have slightly altered musical quotes or evocations; ex. “Someone Like You”‘s intro reminds one immediately of “Sweet Home Alabama”.

While happy sounding and catchy, One Night In Paradise remains ‘at par’; say, a night at Motel Six: a collection of derivative, average songs, destined to be loved by a good-time-minded, not-picky Sunset Strip type crowd.

If you’ve misplaced Poison‘s Look What The Cat Dragged In and you’re in the mood for some retro late 1980s listening with a 2014 vintage, pick this up.



Track Listing:
Tearin’ Up The Town
I Can’t Get Enough
Someone Like You
Take It Off
Don’t Let It Get You Down
One Night In Paradise
Into The Sun
She Wants The Power
Rock ‘N’ Roll Bar

Band Lineup:
Francis Lima – Vocals
Toni Manito – Guitar
Dani Kaminski – Bass
Glimm Xotter – Drums


Upbeat, but average, retro late 1980s styled 'hair' or glam metal disc

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