Possession – His Best Deceit

Possession CD cover copy

Belgium’s Possession have released a four-song EP, His Best Deceit, of extreme madness.

After an (1:34) eternity-long intro, the real music gets going.

The band channels a deep, ‘fizzy’ production and simplistic song structure in to four intense tunes.

Mixing equal parts Bathory, Sodom, Bloodstorm, and maybe a little Morbid Tales era Celtic Frost or even an early ‘bleak’ practitioner like Burzum, Possession emphasize brutality over virtuosity.

Track highlight: “Possession”.

Give them a few more years immersed in ‘the scene’, and they’ll have a greater command of their instruments.

The band will be a crushing songwriting force that will be glorious to witness.

Track Listing:
The Truth Of Cain
His Best Deceit
Necromancer (early Sepultura cover)

Band Lineup:
Willy “Jeans” van der Kaa – Vocals
Peter “Pete Steels” Derks – Guitar
Tim Oehlen – Guitar
Mark “Masters” Timmermans – Bass
Huub “Bill Powers’ Crijns – Drums

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