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On May 1, 2018
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The one time that will see gravity keeping something up and not down.

Summer is almost here and what a way to herald the sunshine with Gravity, the brand new studio album from Praying Mantis! They have always been on the melodic side of the NWOBHM genre, point proven by the impressive 2015 release of Legacy and their song writing form is just as strong on Gravity, released by Frontiers Music on May 11th 2018, it contains eleven tunes of rock royalty.

Opener ‘Keep It Alive’ shows that the band certainly do with this riff heavy tune. Lead vocalist John Cuijpers shows off his range from the off, backed up by their trademark powerful backing vocals. Other highlights are the aptly titled ‘Mantis Anthem’, the first of a bunch of intense ballads. Uplifting verses, a fist clenching chorus and a lengthy melodic guitar solo keeps the bar raised high.

‘Time Can Heal’ is AOR at its finest containing a lead vocal that could charm the birds from the trees. ‘Ghosts Of The Past’ has everything a classic rock song should contain. A keys and string intro prepare you for a showstopping vocal that fades out to a whisper making you wish the song would never end. ‘Destiny In Motion’ is a drum heavy rocker with yet another killer chorus. ‘Foreign Affair’ has touches of ‘Forever Autumn’ in the intro as it eases into poignant balladry. Mainly acoustic but for a piercing lead guitar break midway.

The mood stays long enough for ‘Shadow Of Love’ to soothe the soul with spine tingling melodies offset by some big riffing and the album closes as it started with ‘Final Destination’ rocking hard as its slow pounding first part speeds up a full on drum dominated finish.


Gravity album track listing :-

Keep It Alive.

Mantis Anthem.

Time Can Heal.

Thirty Nine Years.


Ghosts Of The Past.

Destiny In Motion.

The Last Summer.

Foreign Affair.

Shadow Of Love.

Final Destination.

Praying Mantis band line up :-

John Cuijpers – Lead vocals.

Tino Troy – Guitar/vocals.

Chris Troy – Bass guitar/vocals.

Andy Burgess – Guitar/vocals.

Hans In’t Zandt – Drums.




The one time that will see gravity keeping something up and not down.

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