Primal Fear – Delivering the Black

PRIMAL-FEAR-COVER-2I know it’s only January, but this has just gone straight to the top of my “Album of the Year” list.  I actually jumped when opening track King for a Day started, it’s loud, in your face and relentlessly brilliant.  By the time the track was halfway through I was texting people telling them they MUST listen to Primal Fear.

Formed in 1997 by Ralf Scheepers (vocals) and Mat Sinner (bass/vocals/producer) Delivering the Black is the tenth studio album from German/Swedish/Canadian Primal Fear, released on Frontiers Records.  The band is made up of Scheepers and Sinner, Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt on guitars and drummer Randy Black.  It was recorded in summer 2013 at House of Music studios in Germany, then mixed in Denmark by Jacob Hansen whose previous credits include working with Volbeat.

I’m struggling to name any standout tracks on this album, because the whole thing is genius.  I can only say that if you aren’t listening to this when it’s released later this month (Jan 23rd) then you’re missing out, big time.  Scheepers voice is one minute aggressive and roaring, then the next it’s pure, clear and soaring into the high notes with ease.  If I had to name a couple of songs to listen out for I’d have to go for One Night in December and Born With a Broken Heart.  One Night in December is a ten minute epic.  It’s everything Primal Fear stand for in a nutshell, loud guitars, even louder drums, catchy chorus, killer riffs and solos that make the ten minutes pass in the blink of an eye.  Born with a Broken Heart is the only ballad on an otherwise non-stop metal rollercoaster, and features backing vocals from Liv Kristine from Leaves Eyes.  The female voice, and the slower, softer tone really could have made it stick out like a sore thumb but it somehow works.  Scheepers proves his voice isn’t all about belting it out, with much quieter guitars and drums bringing his voice into sharp focus.  It’s an emotional song, and the guitar solo does what all the best guitar solos do, and conveys  the emotion of the song without the need for words.

Mention should also go to Rebel Faction and album closer Inseminoid.  Randy Black hits his drums harder than any other drummer I can think of, and never more so than on these songs.  Primal Fear’s website says “typical PF trademarks” are “twin guitar solos, killer riffs and catchy choruses.”  I’d add to that some of the loudest drums you’ll ever hear, incredible vocals and a total dedication to their genre.  These songs are pure metal, and I can’t wait to hear it over and over again.

Track Listing

1)King for a day

2) Rebel Faction

3)When Death comes Knocking

4)Alive and On Fire

5)Delivering the Black

6)Road to Asylum

7)One Night in December

8)Never Pray for Justice

9)Born with a Broken Heart

10)Innocent Man *


12)Man Without Shadow *

13)When Death Comes Knocking (single edit)

*only on deluxe edition.

Deluxe edition also includes:  When Death Comes Knocking video, King for a Day video, Making of the album.

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