Promethium – Origins

promethium - origins - album cover

This is Lancaster-based Promethium‘s second album, titled Origins.

This is a ten-track rock and roll album which ventures in to both metal and acoustic ballad territory.

It’s fairly even-tempered, with most songs bearing different nuances of hard rock flavor.

While crisp and modern, the mix is very vocal-forward or vocalist-centric, so if you are a fan of Gary’s ‘plain rock & roll’ type singing, you’re going to adore this record.

The harmony guitar parts and breaks are a wonderful studio touch.

Most of the songs are motivatingly uptempo, with no lag or languish; “Rain” and “Origins” are much more emotive.


Track Listing:
Won’t Break Me
The Art Of Hurting
The Hunted
Plagued By Evil

Band Lineup:
Gary McGahon – Vocals
Daniel Lovett-Horn – Guitar
Barry Mills – Bass/Backing Vocals
Dominic Clayton – Drums

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