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Prong with Klogr – The Cathouse, Glasgow – 01/04/2014

.@Planetmosh @AnybodyBC reviews @prongmusic and @klogrmusic gig in Glasgow

They say it was the day of the fools and jokes. Well, I say, that it was the day when two metal teams from two different continents stormed The Cathouse in Glasgow. No kidding!


The first band of the evening, Italian rockers and alternative metallers Klogr, started their show quite fast and sadly to an almost empty club. That is the down side to being the opening act but to their credit the guys did a really great job on the stage. Impressive quality from a young band (formed in 2011); an energetic show with an engaging and communicative vocalist. Musically it was an interesting and surprisingly good pick for the opening act. Progressive grooving Alt-Rock with a hint of thrash metal.

Klogr setlist:
1. Room To Doubt
2. Draw Closer
3. Vultures Feast
4. Bleeding
5. King Of Unknown
6. Failing Crowns
7. Zero Tolerance
8. Guilty And Proud
9. Hell Of Income
10.Guinea Pigs


Taking the wheel from the young band, Prong took to the stage to what was now a packed Cathouse rocked out by veterans both on stage and in the crowd. Prong proved that they still have their energy and quality at the same time. They were everywhere and filled the club in every way – music, stage energy – jumps and running, communication and sound quality.  They even took the time out after the gig to spend time with the fans lapping up their merchandise.

It was indeed a concert worth attending!

Prong setlist pictures are below in the gallery, although during the concert it slightly changed – the order, shorter encore.


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