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On August 7, 2015
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"...very much in the old-school thrash tradition."

Everything about this debut full-length album from South Carolina’s Prowler – not to be confused with the now defunct NWOBHMers or the nascent German thrashers or the half a dozen or so US bands of the same name – points to an Eighties B-list thrash re-issue, from the horror movie-inspired songs to the album art to their leather-and-perm image.  However, these three lads are very much new kids on the block and, as we mentioned, this is their first “proper’ album (they have released a series of EPs and a compilation of same over the five years of their existence).

Prowler - From The Shadows artworkAs mentioned, all of the songs on ‘From The Shadows’ are inspired by classic (or not so) and cult horror movies, from opener ‘Return Of The Living Dead’ through Hammer’s back catalogue (‘I Am Wolf’) to those inspired by the works of James Herbert (‘Out Of The Fog’) and, of course, Stephen King (‘Return To The Lot’, ‘Death On Wheels’ and an insane cover of The Ramones’ ‘Pet Sematary’).

In addition to paying homage to this collection of cinematic gems, ‘From The Shadows’ does the same to the thrash genre, as it is very much in the old-school tradition.  Prowlite Hail has a very Mustaine feel to his vocals, right down to his intonation, while musically the band heavily reference the likes of early Exciter.

While it’s nothing you haven’t heard a thousand thrash bands play before, and will no doubt hear another thousand play again in the future, it is a competent album.  The performances are tight and thoughtful and the songs well-constructed, and they do make good use of sampled movie dialogue at the appropriate junctures.  All of which makes for an entertaining enough listen.


R.O.T.L.D / Out Of The Fog / I Am Wolf / The Thing Not Seen / Pet Sematary / Return To The Lot / Death On Wheels / Creature Of The Black

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‘From The Shadows’ is out now on Slaney Records.


"...very much in the old-school thrash tradition."

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