Pure Steel & Pure Rock Records news Roundup!


OVERDRIVE (England) have signed a worldwide deal with PURE ROCK RECORDS, a sublabel of PURE STEEL RECORDS! More news coming soon.

Ian Hamilton – bass, vocals
Tracey Abbott – guitars
David Poulter – vocals
Ian “Scratch” Padgett – drums
Tim Hall – keyboard, vocals

THE MEGS “Awakening” – Cover, Tracklist, release date: 27th June 2014

The release date of the THE MEGS album “Awakening” on CD is June 27th, 2014. The preorder phase will start on June 13th, 2014 in our webshop.

THE MEGS play “High Engery Rock”. Maybe the best way to discribe the music of these italian guys. The catchy memorable Songs are the trademark for this fantastic band! Powerful Hard Rock with class and creativity! For luck the band does not sound like many others. If you really want to compare them, maybe D.A.D. at their best times is working especially because of the catchiness regarding nearly every song of them. “What I would like” or “Blackout” are two examples how you can treat your brain the best way!

But KEEP ATTENTION!!! If you try to listen to the music in your car stereo some strange things will happen! Your foot will press down the accelerator pedal, your head will begin to bang and your fingers to drum on the steering wheel. DANGER! The motorway moves to a race course and you won’t stop to press on the pedal!!!!…….If you survive this, there’s a healthy alternative:

Buy a ticket and see THE MEGS live! If this won’t work, put in the CD in the car stereo again, foot on the pedal and be ready for the second round of power!

1. What I Would Like
2. Follow The White Rabbit
3. Rain Of Sand
4. Blackout
5. My Time
6. Take Me To Heaven
7. Become Nothing To Me
8. Apache
9. Govern Is To Believe
10. Ink Flover
Total Playing Time: 37:33min

Federico Travaglia – vocals, bass
Mattia Aldibek – guitars, vocals
David Visin – guitars, vocals
Manuel Mormina – drums


Since this week MORTICIAN entered the studio to record their next album. The album will consist probably of 9 new songs. It’s likely that the release will happen this year.

Patrik Lercher – bass
Thomas Metzler – guitar
Daniel Khan – vocals
Gergely Nagy – drums



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