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ragdoll - here todayAustralian band Ragdoll were only formed in 2010 but little more than a year later, after several lineup changes, they released their debut EP – Ragdoll rock.  Now a year on, they have released their second EP – “Here today”

After listening to the EP I immediately played it again – and again.  It’s an excellent release, and it’s five tracks just fly past.  One thing that struck me was that despite only having three members, they have a full sound that makes them sound more like a 4 or 5 piece band.

The EP starts with the title track, “Here today” and it’s a great start to the album – a really good rock song.

Things then get even better with “Tell me”, which is another great rock song and sounds even better than “Here today”

The title of “Could it be love” gives you a clue that it might be a ballad, and unsurprisingly, it is.  It’s a really good song and one that deserves to get plenty of radio airplay.

“Heaven above” is a seven minute epic, and another excellent track.

The EP ends with “Overnight sensation” – a great song with a real party feel to it.

This is an excellent hard rock EP and in my opinion Ragdoll are a band that is likely to go on to much bigger things – they really are impressive.  Ragdoll are a band that rock fans should definitely check out, and this excellent EP is a good place to start.

“Here today” is out now.

Rating: 8/10

Ragdoll are:

Leon Todd – Guitar
Ryan Rafferty – Bass & Vocals
Cam Barett – Drums

Track listing:

1. Here today
2. Tell me
3. Could it be love
4. Heaven above
5. Overnight sensation

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