Rainbow – ‘The Polydor Years’ 8 classic albums vinyl box set to be released 24th November

Rainbow  The Polydor YearsAs one of the cornerstones of British Rock, Rainbow, led by the never-predictable but  ever-astonishing guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, became synonymous with some of the most well regarded and popular charting Rock songs of the seventies and eighties. From the mystic and quasi-religious ‘Stargazer’ and ‘Man On A Silver Mountain’ to the solid gold anthems of ‘All Night Long’, ‘Long Live Rock And Roll’ and ‘Since You Been Gone’, each year in the decade of Rainbow was marked by some of the best songs and performances captured both on record and in-concert.

Passing through the band were some of the best the genre had to offer. Vocalists Ronnie James Dio and Graham Bonnet, bass player and producer Roger Glover and drummer Cozy Powell, each brought their individual talent to the table to record some of Rock’s best loved hard rock on those timeless albums and singles.

Ritchie’s modus operandi for the band seemed to be based on the mantra of ‘change for the better’ and in his constant pursuit for the next best thing, both the fans and even the band were never quite sure how long they were to stay in Rainbow or what plans were ever afoot. This led to a revolving door of members over the years which naturally contributed to insecurity and thus Rainbow’s instability. Blackmore himself eventually seemed to lose direction and would re-join his previous band-mates in the Deep Purple reunion of 1984.

USM are pleased to announce the release of “The Polydor Years” a vinyl LP boxed set containing all eight albums on 24th November 2014

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow
Side One
1.       Man On The Silver Mountain
2.       Self Portrait
3.       Black Sheep Of The Family
4.       Catch The Rainbow
Side Two
1.       Snake Charmer
2.       The Temple Of The King
3.       If You Don’t Like Rock ‘n’ Roll
4.       Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
5.       Still I’m Sad

Side One
1.       Tarot Woman
2.       Run With The Wolf
3.       Starstruck
4.       Do You Close Your Eyes
Side Two
1.       Stargazer
2.       A Light In The Black

On Stage
Side One
1.       Kill The King
2.       Medley: Man On The Silver Mountain/Blues/Starstruck
Side Two
1.       Catch The Rainbow
Side Three
1.       Mistreated
Side Four
1.       Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
2.       Still I’m Sad

Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
Side One
1.       Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
2.       Lady Of The Lake
3.       LA Connection
4.       Gates Of Babylon
Side Two
1.       Kill The King
2.       The Shed (subtle)
3.       Sensitive To Light
4.       Rainbow Eyes
Down To Earth
Side One
1.       All Night Long
2.       Eyes Of The World
3.       No Time To Lose
4.       Makin’ Love
Side Two
1.       Since You Been Gone
2.       Love’s No Friend
3.       Danger Zone
4.       Lost In Hollywood

Difficult To Cure
Side One
1.       I Surrender
2.       Spotlight Kid
3.       No Release
4.       Magic
5.       Vielleicht Das Nächster Zeit (Maybe Next Time)
Side Two
1.       Can’t Happen Here
2.       Freedom Fighter
3.       Midtown Tunnel Vision
4.       Difficult To Cure

Straight Between The Eyes
Side One
1.       Death Alley Driver
2.       Stone Cold
3.       Bring On The Night (Dream Chaser)
4.       Tite Squeeze
5.       Tearin’ Out My Heart
Side Two
1.       Power
2.       Miss Mistreated
3.       Rock Fever
4.       Eyes Of Fire

Bent Out Of Shape
Side One
1.       Stranded
2.       Can’t Let You Go
3.       Fool For The Night
4.       Fire Dance
5.       Anybody There
Side Two
1.       Desperate Heart
2.       Street Of Dreams
3.       Drinking With The Devil
4.       Snowman
5.       Make Your Move

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