Rantanplan – Rudeboys von der Reeperbahn


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On 25 June 2019
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A great EP from a band that deserve to be better known.

Rantanplan released their latest album “Stay rudel stay rebel” at the beginning of the year and are now following it with a 6 track EP. Rantanplan are a German ska-punk band. Formed in Hamburg in 1995 they have ten albums to their name. As a ska-punk band you’ve got that punk heaviness and attitude combined with the brass section and sounds that we often associate with Reggae. When I reviewed “Stay rudel stay rebel” I was impressed – it’s a great album, so I was curious about this new EP – would it be up to the same standard or would it prove to be the bits that weren’t good enough to be included on the album.
Happily it’s the latter – this is a great EP. The songs are heavy but with the brass section adding a different sound. There’s a bit of organ in places too. It’s got a slightly crazy fun feel to it, but that’s not a bad thing – in fact it’s the sort of music you can really enjoy while knocking back a few beers on a night out.

Check out “Scheiss auf Gestern (featuring Swiss)”…

The opening track, “Rudeboys von der Reeperbahn” is the one with the strongest ska/reggae sound and it’s a track I absolutely love.

The EP was recorded live so it’s got that live feel rather than feeling too polished and it’s just what the music demands. A great EP from a band that deserve to be better known.

Track listing:

1. Rudeboys von der Reeperbahn
2. Finger 13
3. Scheiss auf Gestern (featuring Swiss)
4. E
5. Notaufnahme
6. Wir kommen nicht aus Trenchtown

A great EP from a band that deserve to be better known.

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