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On 30 January 2019
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An excellent album that's well worth a listen.

Rantanplan are a German ska-punk band. Formed in Hamburg in 1995, they’ve had various lineup changes over the years and now the only remaining original member is Torben Meissner (vocals/guitar). This is their tenth album. Prior to being sent this album to review I must admit I’d never heard of the band before, so watched a couple of videos on Youtube and that was enough to make me want to listen to the album.

If you’ve never listened to ska-punk before and don’t know what to expect, a simplistic description would be a punk band plus a brass section (trumpets/saxophones). There’s a bit more to it than that as it takes ska music and fuses it with punk, but the brass section is the most visible part.

The music is really catchy, and at the same time it’s very heavy. Check out the video for “Maschine”…

The second single from the album is “Kill den Spiegel”…

I can’t really say much about the lyrics as they’re in German – a language I don’t speak. It’s not a problem though – it’s still a great album to listen to, and Rammstein have proved that the language barrier doesn’t have to be a problem. The music though is simply fantastic – it’s loud, heavy, melodic and full of energy, in fact it’s the perfect sort of music to get people at a gig up and moving.

An excellent album that’s well worth a listen.

“Stay rudel stay rebel” is out now via Drakkar entertainment

Track listing:

1. Stay Rudel – Stay Rebel
2. Foodporn
3. Kain Richtung Heimat
4. Maschine
5. Nachtzug nach Paris
6. Partytrick
7. Rudgirl from outta space
8. Kill den Spiegel
9. The Rudel

An excellent album that's well worth a listen.

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