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Raven – Boston Music Room, London – 5th September 2018

The autumn gig season of 2018 has already started and after a while, the NWOBHM fathers of Thrash Raven came for a show, on a Wednesday afternoon in north London. Support bands for them are the Thrash metallers from San Fransisco Hatchet and the punk-Motorhead-metallers Heavy Sentence.

Heavy sentence

The Boston Music Room was not full when Heavy Sentence came on stage. Despite the small number of spectators, the Motorspeed punk metalheads managed to deliver a killer set. Ttheir raging riffage and drums blasted the speakers and the band had lots of energy on stage, with all of the members constantly moving and showing amazing stage performance acts. They managed to be a very good opening band, building up the atmosphere slowly for what was to come. And everyone in the venue seemed to enjoy the set a lot, banging their heads along to the rhythm and going to the front to enjoy the show and interact with the band.


Second band on stage were the American Thrashers, Hatchet. Even though they were added to the bill almost one week before the gig, they still delivered an amazing performance. From the first second the band managed to capture their crowd (which was noticeably larger now) and everyone was caught in a frenzy of head-banging and fist-pumping to the rhythm. The guitars were very distinct, with lots of clear solos and harmonies blasting the venue, which the singers vocals and stage presence definitely made the crowd more interested in listening to the band. From all of the attenders, not a single one was out of the venue to have a cigarette, while Hatchet were on stage. The highlight of their performance was definitely the guitarist coming off stage to play the guitar in between the crowd, which went crazy with head-banging to the rhythm and trying to capture that unique moment. Personally, I found this a brilliant way to have the crowd take part in the performance, apart from catching them on the rhythm, because it brings the members closer to the fans and it is a moment that everyone will remember. Brilliant idea and brilliant results. As Hatchet finished their set, the crowd made their wish of wanting more very clear.


Last but not least, thrash pioneers Raven hit the stage full of energy and movement. Despite their age, they jumped up and down the stage constantly, delivering an amazing show. The energy, the songs, the lights, the sound, the drums, the guitars, everything made the (now even larger) crowd sink into ecstasy and sing along, cheer and bang to the riffs. I was impressed by how visible the member’s energy, and how amazing their live performance is. And of course their hard work paid off, as the crowd’s enthusiasm and support to the band was remarkable. In the end, everyone left the venue with a very good vibe and people definitely would have loved to see more. For those who couldn’t make it or those who didn’t have enough, let’s hope that they will come back to London soon.

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