Ravenface Hammerfest Review.

Ravenface is a name that keeps reoccurring in the metal scene and from what I witnessed tonight I know why. These guys may be young but they are as tight and musically skilled as a metal band that has had years of experience.

Hitting off their set with ‘Deprogression’ it instantly catches attention from across the room with harmonised guitar riffs and double bass drumming, brining in James Denton with his growling vocals.Their music falls into intense and slow passages, combining a mix of growls and clean vocals. They next come in with ‘Resurrection’, ‘Burn’ and ‘Take Them All’.

The different tempos cause the audience to mosh out as a mosh pit is created in the middle, people were flying from every angle. A shame about the amount of people that turned up, they had a fair few but they deserved a bigger crowd from all the effort they put into their performance.

Bass player Billy Dowdall adds a backing of harsher vocals to their set, impressive on the delivery as it was so unexpected, with menacing looks as he growled to the audience.

Their songs have similar characteristics so if you like one song you are guaranteed to like a large proportion of their songs. Lyrically they are poetic within the themes of heartbreak, sorrow and distress. Choruses are catchy and repetitive.

Finishing  off their set with ‘Beneath The Tides’, a newly released single. Disappointing to know they didn’t add ‘Wait For No One’ as I feel is one of their strongest songs and to say it has only just been released across social media. It would of been a good idea to of had it included, especially when it received great feedback from their fans.

If you haven’t heard of or seen Ravenface, you will and be sure to check them out. They will be doing a few shows round the UK so keep a look out on their Facebook page for updates.


Set List

Take Them Ali
Beneath The Tides

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