REBELLION – Arminius, Furor Teutonicus.

One of Germany’s true Metal giants return bigger and badder than ever.



Rebellion’s biography reads like a film script, formed in 2001 by Tomi Gottlich and Uwe Lulis following their split from Gravedigger, the band went on to forge a huge and loyal following and enjoyed great success on both the recording and touring fronts. Tragedy struck in 2008 however, with Uwe suffering a serious motorcycle accident that caused the band to take a back seat and take stock. Despite brave attempts to continue, the band slowly succumbed to the sad reality of having to call it a day.
End of the story you might think but no, Tomi and Michael Seifert, encouraged by the still loyal fans pleas decided to re animate the band with a completely fresh line up, which brings us nicely up to date.
Arminius, Furor Teutonicus’ is a glorious platter of pure fist pumping Metal in the true German style, full of meaty riffs, sword wielding imagery and men being men. Michael Seifert’s voice is a real powerhouse of Metal, delivering punch after punch, each packed with emotion and passion, all backed by some of the best and purest Metal riffs you’ll hear anywhere.
Take the opening track ’Rest In Peace’ or ’Varus’ for example to see how good Rebellion’s brand of Metal can be. This is an album that genuinely crosses borders, buckets of melody and sing a long choruses mixed with a hard edge of steel to please the most discerning of Metalheads. When this kind of music is done well it can stand up shoulder to shoulder with anything else produced in the Rock/Metal world, if nothing else for the pure feel good factor it gives the listener alone, and this album ticks all the boxes.
Tracks like ‘Ghost Of Freedom’ illustrate the point well, a song that will have you mounting your imaginary steed and galloping through the forest in true Teutonic fashion. Whilst album closer ‘Requiem’ will have you welling up and reaching for the Kleenex, proving that the band can still come up with diverse and valid songs for the modern market.
I for one am so glad that this band has decided to come back into the limelight, and if this album is a pointer of things to come then German Metal is in very safe hands indeed.

Rating 8/10.


Track Listing;

1. Rest In Peace.
2. Ala Germanica.
3. Prince Of The Cheruscer.
4. Dusk Awaiting Dawn.
5. Breeding Hate.
6. The Seeress Tower.
7. Varus.
8. The Tribes United.
9. Ghost Of Freedom.
10. Furor Teutonicus.
11. Vae Victis.
12. Requiem.Rebellion_Bandpic_2012

Rebellion are;

Michael Seifert – Vocals.
Oliver Geibig – Guitar.
Stephan Karut – Guitar.
Tomi Gottlich – Bass.
Matthias Karle – Drums.

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