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Reckless Love, Mallory Knox and Exit State Manchester Club Academy Review.

Reckless Love return to the UK to promote their mini album ‘Born to Break Your Heart’, which was released on the 15th October. Special guests this evening were Mallory Knox and Manchester locals Exit state.

Exit State open the night with their extraordinary energy as always. Front man Roy Bright knows how to get his audience going as he puts forward little antics in between songs. It was a little different to have a more alternative/modern band open for Reckless Love however their hard rock back bone made it a lot easier for the fans of Reckless Love to kindly take to them. They bring in ‘Check out the Crazy’ from their ‘Black Veins’ album this always gets the audience heated, the riff from Matt Harris and a bold deep bass section work they way through as people start to move. Even when spectators don’t always get it at first, Roy however managers to get the majority of everyone in Club Academy singing lyrics back to him and throwing full fists in the air. Not bad for an opening act. Exit State introduce their single ‘Circles’ that is currently everywhere at the minute. Bass from Phil Ireland has a catchy groove that he uses to back the intricate rhythm brought by Matt. Matt is the newest member of the band but you would of never of guessed. He is such a smooth cool player and the rest have this energetic full force persona about them but it works. To round everything off Exit State come in with ‘Death of a Rockstar’ announcing all new material is ready to record for their brand new album exciting times! Thank you Exit State you have been awesome.

Next up Mallory Knox. I was intrigued to see these guys as I have never come across this band before, it was something new. First impressions a little heavy and alternative for the audience Reckless Love pull in. There were a few fans of Mallory Knox that gave it their all to be more than a 5 man crowd. These guys were talented in what they do and  Mikey Chapman has a good vocal tone that changes through a light head voice to a harsher gruff vocal, to a back line of a indie punk influence. ‘Wake Up’ is their latest single with guitars blasting out power chords. They do have an essence of american rock scene like Yellowcard and American Rejects. Reckless Love are an 80’s hair metal band who sing for love of life, booze and rock, Mallory Knox have a darker side, so the mood within the atmosphere dropped slightly before Reckless Love made their appearance. Good band just not right choice for a support slot for Reckless Love.

The guys know how to make an entrance as they make everyone around them know “the boys are back in town”. Olli is the last to come to the stage as Pepe leads him on by opening their first song ‘Animal Attraction’. The signature look of course sunglasses, tight top and leopard print cowboy boots. Following straight through into ‘Speedin’ the fans were already captured into the show. I had forgotten just how entertaining Reckless Love are. It is like a blast from the past. I have mentioned this before but it is so true. They take every inch of what made the 80s and bring it forth to every performance I have seen Reckless Love do. Olli introduce their brand new song ‘Born to Break Your Heart’ and it’s not just the girls that are screaming. After ‘Dance’ people were literally fighting for space to get closer to the stage and have space to dance, Jalle comes in with his drum solo. I do remember last time they were here there was a lot more communication and banter between the band and the fans. It may of been a tight schedule for curfew being it was during the week. As we all know Pepe is a melodic god and ‘Push’ the song that hasn’t been released on any album proves it to be fact.  The guitar work and melody are so addictive with the addition of air guitar. ‘Back to Paradise’ leads Pepe into one hell of a solo, well it is to be expected. Pepe torments his audience with pulses and a gradual build up that slowly fades but comes right back like a punch in the face. It’s mean, it’s dirty and it fucking rocks dude. They end the set with ‘Wild Touch’. It was now definitely predictable as to what they were going to finish with for their encore let me think… ‘Hot’ and ‘One More Time’…correct. Even though the top was removed there was a loss of the signature move of a Hulk Hogan that Olli performs towards the end of the show, maybe it got too expensive for t-shirts however it was an eventful night.

Reckless Love Set List

Animal Attraction
Born To Break Your Heart
Beautiful Bomb
Drum Solo
Hom Ranahys
Feel My Heat
Back to Paradise
Guitar Solo
On the Radio
Wild Touch

One More Time



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