Reckless love & Voodoo Six – Barfly, Camden – 4th October 2012

Tonight was the first night of the Reckless love tour, during which they are making weekly appearances at the Barfly in Camden – playing every Thursday night, each time with a different support act.  Tonights gig was sold out with a large queue forming well before the doors opened, and by the time tonight’s support band, Voodoo Six took to the stage, the venue was already pretty packed.
Voodoo six are heavier than Reckless Love, with a heavy rock sound, but certainly went down well with the crowd tonight, and quite rightly as they’re a great live band.  They kicked off their set with the title track of their latest EP – “Falling knives”, and played a great set including a couple of songs from their forthcoming album.  Judging by the reaction from the crowd tonight, I think they definitely made some new fans here.
Reckless love took to the stage to the sound of “The boys are back in town”. Hessu took his place behind the coolest looking drum kit I’ve seen, with drum ports making the kick drums look like loudspeakers, then it was time to get this party started – that’s certainly how it felt, a party rather than just a gig.
Starting off by joking about the fact they wear makeup and have been told they look like girls, the band are clearly here for a good time.  They get things off to a great start with “Animal attraction” and “Speedin’ “, and keep up the pace as they storm through a set of songs from both their albums plus their new EP (Born to break your heart – due out on 15th October), and the fans are clearly loving it, despite the ever increasing heat in this packed out venue.
THe band put in a high energy performance on stage with singer Olli doing some unfeasibly high kicks and the band are clearly having a great time and interact well with the fans.
For the encore they bring out Will and Jon from Jettblack to do a couple of cover versions.  Bearing in mind the fact that they’d changed what songs they had planned just 24 hours earlier and hadn’t had time to rehearse other than 5 minutes with Will just before the gig, I was curious to see if they could pull it off.  Well I needn’t have had any doubts – they pulled it off in style.  First up was Whitesnakes “Bad Boys” and Pepe and Will really nailed the guitar parts.  Following that was Judas Priest’s “Livin after midnight” and again it was excellently done.  Having these two bands performing together was definitely a highlight of the night.

Reckless love setlist:

Animal attraction
Born to break your heart
Beautiful bomb
Back to paradise
On the radio
Wild touch


Bad Boys (with Jettblack)
Livin’ after midnight (with Jettblack)
one more time

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