Relinquished, ‘Onward Anguishes’


Hailing from Austria, this is the bands second full length release and follow up to 2010’s ‘Susanna Lies In Ashes.’ This offering continues the theme of the previous, detailing a boys childhood and his experiences whilst growing up.
The sound could best be described as Dark Melodic/ Ambient Doom with a good measure of Meshuggah style experimental thrown in as well. The mix of clean and growl male vocal works well, tracks such as ‘To Whom I Could Relate’ and ‘No Virtue Unatoned’ show a great craft and composition, whilst elsewhere tracks like ’Another Lightsource Going Out’, ( an instrumental) bring a welcome variation in style to the table.
The album is not the easiest to get into at first, it tends to grow more and more with every listen but this is a very commendable release from a really good band who will hopefully get the recognition that they deserve from now on.

Rating 7/10.

Relinquished are;
Sebastian Brambock – concept, vocals.
Simon Bettendorf – guitar and vocals.
Anton Keuschnick – guitar.
Dominik Steffan – bass.
Florian Vonach – drums.


Track Listing;
1. Authority.
2. Loss Delusion.
3. To Whom I Could Relate.
4. Logical Step.
5. Surrender And Distance.
6. No Virtue Unatoned.
7. A World Of Constant Suffer.
8. Another Lightsource Going Out.
9. Beyond Anguishes.

Out now via Noisehead Records.

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