Reo Speedwagon / Live at Moondance jam cd/dvd

reo speedwagonEven if your not the biggest Reo Speedwagon fan, there is a good chance that you know all the classics like Keep on loving you, Cant fight this feeling, Don’t let him go, Take it on the run, and they are all on this latest release recorded live at the Moondance Jam festival in Walker, Minnesota back in 2010.
However after hearing the quality of most of the songs on this, strangely edited release I am not sure they will win over many new fans. When I say strangely edited, every song stops abruptly the recording doesn’t flow and thus looses any atmosphere there was. I was however most impressed with the musicianship especially the guitar work of Dave Amato, however vocalist kevin Cronin does sound slightly nasally. Nobody can deny that Reo Speedwagon made a massive influence in the 70,s and 80,s selling millions of albums and singles worldwide, but I don’t think that this quality of recording does them too many favours. If you’re already a fan you will probably will overlook most of what I have said and buy this anyway. Would I listen to this regularly, to be honest probably not, but I would still listen to Reo speedwagon studio releases.

Track listing.
Don’t Let Him Go; Keep on Loving You; In Your Letter; Take It on the Run; Keep Pushin’; Golden Country; Can’t Fight This Feeling; Like You Do; Time for Me to Fly; Back on the Road Again; Roll with the Changes; Ridin’ the Storm Out; 157 Riverside Avenue.

Line up.

Neal Doughty – keyboards, organ, piano, synthesizer
Kevin Cronin – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, keyboards
Bruce Hall – bass guitar, vocals
Dave Amato – lead guitar, vocals
Bryan Hitt – drums, percussion

The DVD version includes hits like ‘Keep On Loving You,’ ‘Take It On The Run,’ and ‘Time For Me To Fly’ along with the classic gem ‘157 Riverside Avenue’ plus the first ever live versions of ‘In Your Letter,’ ‘Golden Country,’ and ‘Like You Do.’ Live At Moondance Jam also contains an interview with lead vocalist/guitarist, Kevin Cronin. The deluxe edition offers the CD and DVD in one glossy digipak.


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