Requinox – Through the Eyes of the Dead

Requinox - Through the Eyes of the DeadRequinox are a heavy metal band from Norway that was formed in 2010.  The members have all played in other bands before joining Requinox.  In 2011 they started touring, both around Norway and in Sweden.  In 2012 they entered the studio to record their debut album, and released ‘Through the eyes of the dead’ in December 2012

Where to start with this review.  OK lets take the best part first – the music.  The music is actually pretty good, but it does seem to be lacking in power and energy, which may be down to the production.  Unfortunately that lack of power/energy means that whereas the songs should grab you by the throat instead they just feel flat and fairly average which is a real shame.

Now the vocals.  There are some great parts here but equally there are some truly dire ones.  The first part of ‘End of the world’ is a perfect example of where they sound pretty awful as the singer attempts a slow section, but happily once the guitar kicks in and the main part of the song starts, the metal vocal style returns and sound pretty good.  Another song with this problem is ‘Jackie the stripper’ where the first part so bad I have to skip it, but the second part works much better.  Overall though the metal vocals here are fairly average – not great, not bad, just okay.

‘Through the eyes of the dead’ is out now.

Rating: 5/10

Track listing:

1. Mr mad murderer
2. Literally horror
3. Diabolical equinox
4. Jack the ripper
5. Jackie the stripper
6. Dance of the dragon
7. Shadowland
8. True barbarian
9. Fall of an empire
10. End of the world
11. Shadowland (acoustic)

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