Watain – The Liverpool Masque – 09/03/2011 (Gig)

Welcome to Whiplash Promotions presents Watain.

Opening up the show are French black metalers Aosoth.

Prior to tonight’s performance rumours were sweeping the internet like wildfire, saying that Aosoth had pulled out, that they had cancelled tonight’s show.

They were wrong!

Opening song Rebirth by Fire sets the scene for a bruising power packed performance drawing material heavily from there Ashes of Angels 2009 album.

Set List:

Rebirth by Fire;
Songs Without Lungs;
Embrace and Enlightenment;
Here to Serve;
Ashes of Angels;
Cries Out of Heaven;
Aura of Pills (Part 2);
Inner War (Antaeus Cover)

A great start to the night.

* * *

Following on we have Shining.

This is a band who have been dogged in controversy since they formed back in 1996.

With songs centring on self harm, suicide and drugs it is easy to see why.

If you ignore these elements you have a band which are comprised of immensely talented musicians who can put on a very entertaining show.

Sounding like Paradise Lost from their Draconian Times days Kvaforth and the gang crank the excitement factor up a notch or 2.

Highlight of the set: Submit to Self Destruction

In all they played a great set and I look forward to seeing them again

Set List:

Besvikelsens dystra monotoni
Vilseledda barnasjälars hemvist
Människa o’avskyvärda människa
Ohm (Sommar med Siv) (Seigmen cover)
Förtvivlan, min arvedel
Submit to Self-Destruction
Längtar bort från mitt hjärta

* * *

Ending tonight’s show are headliners Watain.

The masters of satanic death metal deliver another bruising performance tonight.

Opening up proceedings by having there own version of a Black Mass on stage and making offerings to the dark gods of metal though the lighting of candles and burning of incense (complete with having ten foot tall flame throwers and severed animal heads on stage) they open fire with Deaths Cold Dark followed by material from their more recent albums such as Malfeitor, Storm of the Antichrist etc.

This was a set ripped straight from the bowels of Hell.

Ending the night with the traditional throwing of blood into the crowd this is what Satanic death metal is all about.

All hail the dark masters Watain.

Set list:

Deaths Cold Dark;
Storm of the Antichrist;
I am the Earth;
My Fists Are Him;
Reaping Death;
The Serpents Chalice;
Wolves Curse;
Total Funeral;
Waters of Ain;

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