Reviving The Animus, ‘Infinitely Unlimited’ EP Review

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Reviving The Animus are a band that came onto the scene in 2011, with a distinctive edge of Djent metal.  They are a five piece from Barnet London. On vocals we have Kevin Lowdermilk, dual guitars Alexei Zalesskiy and Jay Bryant, bass guitar Miguel Paredes and Jack Keller-Miall on drums. Their Debut EP ‘Infinitely Unlimited’ is out now and available to download for free at by signing up to their mailing list.

‘Infinitely Unlimited’ is an EP that explores confidently complexities of different volumes and textures. Ten Plagues captures a great balance of abrasive riffs and cross-rhythms, there is a massive element of extreme metal and an influence of Opeth. It is a compelling track that establishes Reviving The Animus as a center piece in the world of up and coming bands.

Morning Recreation is properly the simplistic song of them all but by far the best. The clean vocals aren’t the strongest because the lack of resonation in the production and vocals. It sounds like Kevin Lowdermilk is singing from the depths of the Atlantic ocean, however the sharp, rigid vocals make up for it. The melody is catchy and appealing, I can see this song becoming a favorite to a variety of fans across the board.

‘Infinitely Unlimited’ gives a pure essence of what Reviving The Animus want to be about. The technical side is definitely the strong point of the band, achieving the progressive side seems to be lacking in their blood flow, as the band expanded and develop I feel progressive metal will become a decoration over the fusion of extremity and technicality. [4/5]

Track List
Ten Plagues
Mornings Recreation
Infinitely Unlimited

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